Blue Badge

Applied for a blue badge with my local county council.

Had a call asking me to attend an assessment this Friday, I actually had the call a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t given it much thought until this weekend when there is less than a week to go.

Just wondering if anyone knows what happens at these assessments and any hints to help.



I was advised by other badge holders to be mindful that I’m probably going to be watched getting out of the car and how I manage getting into the building etc. As it turned out, didn’t get called for an assessment and got it on my gp form alone.

I don`t understand why the need for an assessment in the first place.

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Thanks Poppy6488.

It will be a short(ish) walk from where the car is parked so Eric (one of my walking sticks) will be with me and they will not be able to see me get out of the car.


Brought it up with MS nurse when I was first diagnosed and she said if it was up to them they would issue to all who need it.

As it is the council that issue them the problem is there are certain criteria that get’s it automatically but unfortunately I don’t fall into any of them so they have to assess if I need it!

Very frustrating.


Actually, thinking about it, that could be part of their plan. Park your car, do the shortish walk, why do you need a badge!

It may be different where I live in Ireland, but I’m certain if your gp fills the form correctly, stating why you need it, mobility etc, there’s no need for assessment.

I had an assessment to get mine.

They will watch how you get from the car into the building and how you get around the building. I had an interview with a very nice lady who wasn’t there to trip me up [sic] but just to get all the facts and provide a report. The physically walking part was the last bit as she escorted me back to my car.

The interview was about daily living so make sure you describe everything on your worst day not on your best day. Also telling things like if you have a bath or shower seat. I have a walk in shower with a small stool. I can manage to vacuum the whole house but that is a job that will take a few days, it needs to be split into zones. I do a lot of furniture surfing i.e. holding on to the backs of chairs and cupboards to get around.

Make sure you are clear on distances and how far you can walk in all different circumstances and what help you have for these things. Also how long you stand in the same place unaided.

The last part was a walk back to my car and she told me that she wasn’t too concerned about the distance it was more about how long does it take to cover that distance and how easy it. I walk with the aid of a stick (and any walls, chairs pillars, anything to hold onto).

If I think of anything else I’ll come back.

I filled in the form myself so I guess wait and see what happens after Friday


Thanks for the reply and information.

I had an assessment earlier this year even though I had previously had 2 blue badges with no checks - I guess they are tightening up. I had to take a copy of my repeat prescriptions and also appointment letters for physio and MS nurse. The assessor asked me to walk with her inside the building down a fairly long corridor and back (she used a stopwatch) and then we had a chat about how I get on day to day - dressing, washing etc and she asked me how I thought a blue badge would help, I said I needed to open the door wide to get in and out of the car as I can’t squeeze between 2 parked cars any more.

So, had the assessment. Various questions/conversation about what I can do, how long/far I can walk etc. Then a few checks on power in each leg and finally a walk back in the direction of where the car is parked. Now a 10 day wait to see if the council will issue the badge. MS2017

Hope you get it.

I paid with my bank account so kept checking my balance… They cashed the cheque meaning I had got the badge.

It arrived a few days later.

Wo wo.

Fingers crossed.


Well the 10 day wait turned into a two working days one. They emailed me with their decision. I have been assessed “as being eligible to have a badge issued in your name”. So now to arrange payment etc

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Yay! Welcome to the blue badge club.


Well done! I hope it will make your life a little bit easier.

As a new user please read the booklet carefully, I know you will. The badge is for you in any car.

Us long term members of the BB group get a little upset if the badges are misused.

e.g. Car in disabled space, badge showing, disabled person sitting in car, able bodied person running into shop.

Check car park boards, some are free for BB. Some and hospitals are only free if you’re in a disabled space.

A blue badge is used as evidence for an essential companion ticket. You pay, your companion doesn’t. You usually apply for a card or register with the venue for cinemas and theatres.

Companion tickets apply to thousands of places. Look up places on the internet under accessibility. I took a copy of my card and wrote on it. ‘COPY AS ORIGINAL NEEDED AS PROOF OF DISABILITY’

Some toll roads don’t charge you but think you have to apply for a permit.

You’ve just got a pass to a whole new world, enjoy it!


Do you get PIP mobility benefit , when I got my PIP applied to council sent the money and that was all.

You can apply and renew online - depending on the LA. You do need proof of identity, proof of address, photo, proof of PIP award.

Plus, you can park on double yellow lines for up to 3 hours, but don’t forget to display the time you arrive. But, on roads where there are horizontal lines from road onto pavement you’re not allowed to park at all. (Have been caught out with both!)

In my local council area, you can park in any space in their car parks for free showing the BB, but in the next door council, only in a disabled space. If you’re in any other space in their car parks, you have to pay. And of course in private (eg NCP) car parks, you still have to pay.

And in both my local council areas, we can park for free on a meter space for as long as we like.

Just check the booklet that comes with the badge, plus each councils website as the rules vary very widely.


Oh and just be aware that some councils are a bit stupid about their renewal process. I was asked for my PIP entitlement letter, unless it was more than a year old, in which case the uprating letter. I sent the uprating letter, then was sent an email asking for the full award letter. I scanned in the (over a year old) original entitlement letter together with a snotty comment that if the uprating letter won’t do, in spite of the fact it clearly says I’m entitled to the mobility component of PIP (either standard or enhanced rate qualifies you for a BB), then they should say so at the outset.

Needless to say, I didn’t get a reply to that email. But eventually I got the email asking for my £10 (why do we have to pay £10?) and was sent the badge.


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