Blue badge assessment 2024

Hello all. I was after a bit of recent advice. I have looked back through the old posts and can’t see any recent post about blue badge assessment. So I have an assessment this week. I was wondering if they physically examined you and if you had to take your shoes off. I know that sounds silly but isn’t always that easy to put back on. And I have sore feet so don’t like to remove shoes as they offer support.
And any other useful info as I don’t like surprises.
Thank you

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Hi Sophie. Where abouts do you live? I’m in Scotland and got my Blue Badge a few months ago. I didn’t have a physical examination but just completed the form (online) including the name of my Neurologist and MS Nurse and that was that.

Blue Badge application process is one of my favourite topics for a rant. The amount of time spent in assessing applications including the time and money spent by NHS services in answering questions from the Blue Badge service must be considerable. It’s not as though they are giving applicants any money! Just give us more disabled parking places!

No, no physical examination but they will contact your GP and maybe MS team for corroboration of statements you make on your application. It’s like a gentler version of the PIP process :smiley:

No physical exam for me either. I’ve been very impressed with the system - I applied on Monday 4th online, got an email the same afternoon to say it had been granted and the badge arrived yesterday (11th).

Hello sophiep,

I applied for my Blue Badge a few years ago so this may have changed but I had to have a physical examination at the time.

I do not recall having to remove my shoes during the examination. If I remember correctly they did various strength tests whilst sitting eg pushing my foot against their hand, pulling my leg whilst they were holding on to it. As well as asking various questions about distances I could walk etc.

We then walked back towards where my car was parked and I was observed during the walk.

I would guess different councils would have slightly different assessments but hopefully this has been some help/reassurance for you.

Hope it goes well for you.


I agree. Thank you unfortunately I don’t think I filled in the form convincing enough as spoke of good days and bad days. So they are having me in for an assessment. Trouble is if it’s a good day the answer will be no. If it’s a bad day I’m dreading having to get there. They never contacted anyone to ask anything. Just asked me how far I can walk
Which is a difficult question to answer. As it’s not a given amount. I need to be more ruthless in answering but when I feel bad I don’t have energy to fill in forms when I’m feeling better I feel like I’m lying. I’m down in cornwall. They are strict and actually have some different blue badge rules I believe. Which is ironic as most of the towns are hilly and parking no where near town centre as old towns. Oh well. Thank you for your reply.

Thank you. That’s what I thought so am applying for blue badge and then will apply for pip. Just not very good at writing about a d day on a good day and on a bad day can’t face the forms. Need to learn their system so I can get some where. Thank you they have asked me in for an assessment.

Thank you. Wow where do you live that’s amazing. I’m weeks in and now an assessment. Certainly not hassle free. But glad some places have common sense still and you managed to get it easily.

I live in the Lake District in NW England.

Thank you.

Just thought I’d let you know I attended the meeting but the lady said when I walked in she had already decided I would be getting it as from what I wrote and understanding the condition it was obvious bi needed a blue badge. Still had to go through the procedure and council have confirmed I am getting a blue badge. Not sure to feel happy or sad
Happy I got one or sad I need one. But thank you all for support

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That’s good. I suppose I could do without one as I have a small folding scooter that I can unfold if I have far to go from and to the car but having a badge is convenient especially when it’s raining. I can easily imagine that in the sometimes steep hilly areas of Cornwall a Blue Badge is more or less an essential.

I know what you mean about mixed feelings and it reminds me of when I first got my mobility scooter: very very useful but ………!