Pip advice

Hi I will soon be filling in my pip form for the first time. I am reading the Benefits and Work guidance to filling in this form- very useful (thank you to Davids for recommending) I wondered if anyone here in the forum had successfully claimed and what helped? Is there an advisor who can read through your claim prior to submission?

Thank you

Hello, I am currently applying for PIP,Welfare Rights locally normally can help with forms .

I have included in mine support from my ms nurse who is doing a letter and a care plan my social worker is doing for me.I have read it’s better to get reports of people who best know your condition.

i have also read it is better to include any equipment you may use ie wheelchair,walking sticks, grab rails,shower seats,cutlery with easy holds etc.

i think the main thing is to describe how your Ms impacts on each area your asked to give info on.

hope this helps,good luck with your application.


i applied for converting from DLA to PIP early as I reliased my care needs had increased (previously nil care, high mobility). I didn’t join benefits and work as I found enough info on the web including

i made sure I filled the form in slowly but still meeting the deadline set by the DWP.

I luckily do not have emotional, memory, hearing issues so ticked ‘no’ for the questions that covered them descriptors.

If you can get GP/Neuro or nurse letters to support you then do that. I told them about all the physical AIDS I use (grab rails, perching stools, slip on shoes(cant do laces), Velcro fastenings (struggle with buttons)). This all scored points. So did tablet box for my mess as fingers aren’t good. My partner fills the box for me. He is great.

i was honest with them on the form and at the assessment. I phoned to change the location to one closer to home. You must say how you are on the majority of occasions. I use sat nat in the car but it’s more for convenience than need so ticked I can plan and follow a journey. I don’t have any issues with my head in doing this.

i got a letter awarding high mobility and standard care which I what I felt I should get. The

assessor was nice and I think saying it as it is helped.

good luck


Thank you for your advice. I’m working my way through the questions. It’s quite sad realising how life has changed in such a short time.

My advice is to be sure to fill it in bearing in mind how you are at your very worst. I agree with Paul, be sure to mention any aids you need even if you don’t use them all the time. Also give them a call a few days after you’ve returned the form to make sure they’ve received it…my first attempt got lost in the post and it’s a form you really don’t want to have to fill in twice!

Good luck