PIP Application forms

I’ve just phoned in today and started my application for PIP. I’m not to great at explaining myself in forms. Do you have any tips on how to explain stuff. I don’t want to mess it up as I’ve heard it’s hard enough to get PIP approved as it is. Any help will be greatly appreciated

A search for PIP scorecard brought up this:
PIP Points system. There are others.

Thanks for the reply :+1:


GCCK good advice.

You have a month to fill in the form. If successful the award is backdated to the day you phoned up as you will have given your bank details.

I first knew I was successful as I got some £££ in my account
after a face to face interview.

Go on the Citizen’s advice site. Give you lots of tips.



Put in as much detail as you can as though it’s your worst day.

My top tip is to type the questions and answers. Making sure you put your name and NI number as a footer on each page.
Means you can add things in if you remember things and you’ve got a copy.

Let us know how you get on.


Thanks for the advice.

I’d been putting off applying as the rumours about how hard the forms are worried me so much.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Hi, I went from being on DLA for 20 years, to PIP. I worried a lot about it. I got someone who dealt with PIP forms to do it for me.

What the DWP dont want to know is your diagnosis so much, as how it affects you in day to day life.

If you use any equipment, adaptations or the assistance of another person to help you carry out any tasks, do explain them.
Examples of this could be with toileting, showering, cooking, going out.

Good luck

Hello. I work for citizens advice, I highly recommend going to your local CAB for help filling in the form. We are well trained re the points system , and how to fill in these forms x

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[quote=“PBMS, post:6, topic:65627”]
What the DWP dont want to know is your diagnosis so much, as how it affects you in day to day life. [/quote]

I disagree. Without medical reports from a recognised specialist, anything you write on the form could be heresay.

Hi, when I went through the palaver, I was told this by DWP assessor. I did supply medical reports. They do go more on how a condition affects you. 2 people with the same diagnosis could be affected very differently.

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Thanks for all the advice guys :slight_smile:

if you get turned down then definately contact citizens advice they were brill for me when i was applying and its just nice to have someone on your side cos the pip/dwp people seem horrible and unsympathetic.

Definitely agree with the above. We support those making such applications. However we do recommend that you contact CAB, with assistance with filling in the form and also during the telephone appointment. It is important that you note the struggles your condition affects you, even the smallest difficulties, ie combing ur hair, limitations to movement in limbs to making a simple cup of tea.
Good luck.

its a scam, treat it as such, i got 0 across all sections, my nurses daughter who is basially fine was awarded pip because her mum new all the correct buzzwords to use, what a country. tell the truth but copy and paste from the advice given and make sure you hit those key words cos thats how you know when your disabled.