Pip query

Hi just wondering how difficult applying for the pip benefit is?..I find I’m struggling with work having limited mobility in my right leg and a bad bout of ON plus fatigue I’m also self employed so getting signed off work isn’t an option for me but I can’t take on nearly as much work as I did as I just can’t manage it :frowning: what are others experiences of applying for this I don’t really want to as your made to feel bad for doing it as one so called friend said you shouldn’t get it as there’s nothing really wrong with you!! Charming eh!

Ignore your “friend”, if you’re struggling then claim!

I haven’t filled in the forms yet as it’s quite a big old chunk of paperwork - I’ve been given the number of a charitable group near me that will help me do it (MS nurse gave me the number) - I’m self-employed too, so have too busy trying to carry on working to do it yet!!!

I understand what it’s like, I’m terrified what will happen if I can’t carry on working, my neuro think I have primary progressive and the more I think about it the more it seems likely as relapses just can’t last this long…

It took about ten minutes to do the initial telephone call. Initially I did wonder since I can work but if it wasn;t for my husband working on the same contract as me the there’s no chance I could even get there. I couldn’t even walk as far as our local bus stop and don’t have a driving licence anymore. As it’s been pointed out to me, I’ve paid tax for 26 years so I should claim if I need help.

Sorry, that was supposed to sound a bit more supportive lol, it’s hard when you’re independent and suddenly the rugs been pulled! PM if you need to offload :wink:

Sonia x

Hi, have you looked at the self assessment test for PIP on-line? I have and it seemed fairly easy to follow. Of course, doing it ourselves may end up with a different score from what the DWP decide. Even so, I still think it`s worth you taking a look at it. It is just for your eyes, so dont worry about anyone else seeing it.

Ive been on DLA since 2000 and will have to apply for PIP in 2015.......just like all the other indefintie` awards.

Being self employed, do you have some kind of insurance sick cover?

Like nindancer, youve worked and paid your dues, so theres no reson why you shouldn`t ask for help.

Good luck to you and her with your claims.

luv Pollx

Hi Sonia I have pm you and thanks poll for the advice. Emma x