I currently receive DLA do I need to re apply to change over to PIP or will I be contacted in order to make this change.


hi V

they’ll contact you.

you should absolutely get help filling it in.

i didn’t and then got standard rate as opposed to higher rate.

my car has had to go back but otherwise just a lot of annoyance!

good luck

carole x

I`ve been on DLA since 2017 and in this years increase letter, I had a full explanation of PIP.

I dont automatically go on to it. I have to apply, despite getting DLA indefinitely.

It`s the same for everyone.

You`ll get a phonecall first.


I didn’t get a phone call, just the letter informing me of the change and that I had to apply for PIP by a certain date.

I advise you to get in touch with your healthcare providers to arrange for medical evidence to support your claim when the time comes. The DWP obtained the evidence for themselves in the days of DLA. ATOS and Capita don’t always do this, relying on the face-to-face assessment to decide what your award should be.

I also recommend joining the Benefits and Work website. It isn’t free, but the guides are invaluable for completing the application form. They also helped when I had to apply for mandatory reconsideration, getting me enhanced rate for both components instead of the standard rate I’d been awarded.


oh right. I did think everyone got a phonecall first, to verify you are who you`re supposed to be.

See, there`s always summat else!

Thanks Cheerful for letting us know.


I think you get a letter inviting you to make a claim, which you then do by phone. You don’t go into detail, you just give them basic details. Because the PIP office know nothing about you until (and unless) you give them authority to access your DLA claim info. I didn’t give them permission, basically because I am so much worse now than I was then so I didn’t want the assessor to compare then with now.


Like others have said you will get a letter, they are way behind. So for now gather the evidence, start to get everything ready keep all reports, and make sure your neuro and GP is on your side and knows how your MS affects your life.

PIP is not like DLA. with PIP you have to proof how your illness affects the way you live doesnt matter what you have whether its MS or not, its how that MS affects you. So gather together the stuff. The want to know what meds your on, what equipment you use, there are lots of sights now who help.

great guides on here to help you when the time comes.

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