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I have been informed that my DLA is stopping and I need to apply for PIP I used to volunteer for the CAB and was told off for helping clients fill in the forms , reason why I left I believe their is a company that can assist and do they cover Scotland hubby keeps saying government looks after disabled my answer have you listened to the press

I have PPMs and have had it for 15 years and it has got really bad

Hello Trish, I’m still awaiting the request to switch to PIP.

I believe you need to ask for supporting letters from health professionals. It’s worth chatting to your GP or MS nurse.

The press make their living out of sensationalising and If you’ve been affected for so long, yours should be beyond doubt.

This can be a useful resource:


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Like you I have been picked for a change from DLA to PIP and found this fantastic guide by the MS society invaluable

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Thanks folks much appreciated

Give them permission to look at your DLA they usually ask if it’s okay to look at evidence from your previous DLA forms. Also get fresh up to date reports. Michelle and Frazer

When I filed the first one I would say I am far worse

When you get a reply after filling your forms in, you can request a home visit rather than go for the face to face interview. They can get a bit funny when you phone to request it, but when you battle your way in they take points away as you can comfortably travel. They don’t listen when you describe how difficult it can be getting there. Good luck and don’t forget to keep a copy of your forms. Cath x

Trish, I don’t understand why you were told off for filling forms in for people. I always ask CAB to fill forms in for me, which they do without question.

All good advice given above, best of luck with the changeover from DLA to PIP

Jan x

i will ask for a home visit and my physio said we only get contact if it goes to appeal stage it is bad enough having to deal with family members not getting this without having to document symptoms that i would rather not think about

I had a home visit without requesting one. I actually put on the form that I could travel to an accessible assessment centre! Good luck and try not to worry.