Disability allowance

Hi all,

I have had MS well over 15 years now, I have been given the all clear, but it’s always been on my medical record. I don’t get a disability allowance, but think I should as I still have the general symptoms.

Should I be getting the disability allowance is my main question and if I should how do I get it?

You never get the all clear from MS, maybe your symptoms are minor now which is great.
Disability allowance is now called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) not means tested.
Here is a link to assess whether you qualify. Be warned the document to fill in is long and detailed. Worth getting help to fill it in. e.g. Citizen’s advice


ok thanks, worth filling in and see if i get any additional funds

When you do fill it in give a description of your worst days not necessarily how you feel now nor on your good days.

Don’t give too much information such as “I am unable to walk more than 50m unless it’s a good day when i can do a mile”, just put the first bit up to 50m. i.e. don’t tell them stuff they don’t need to know.

Get help filling it in if you can, it is a long and exhausting form. Keep a copy of it after you have sent it so that if you offered a medical you can refer to what you wrote originally.

Don’t be put off if they offer a medical at your home. They aren’t coming to inspect anything such of you have said you have a chair in the shower or extra handrails etc.

There are loads of threads on here with loads of good advice on how to claim.

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Welcome to the forum.

These days it’s not a diagnosis that entitles you to any disability benefits, rather it’s how your diagnosis affects you.

Have a look at Sick or disabled people and carers - Citizens Advice The CAB will point you towards anything you might qualify for.

I’m afraid I disagree with Cheetah in that completing a benefit claim form as stating ‘your worst days not necessarily how you feel now nor on your good days’, won’t do you any favours at a medical examination. Plus you’d have to have evidence from medical practitioners to support your statements. Be honest, don’t underpla yourself symptoms, explain how bad things can be. Just don’t exaggerate.

Jens link to the Benefits and Work self test gives you a good indication as to whether you’d qualify. If it seems you will, joining B&W is an excellent investment (about £20 per year). Their guides are accurate and reliable. Better still, get help with the claim form.



OK having re-read my post I may have over stated or over emphasised my point. We can all be guilty of being self-deprecating when it comes to our abilities and that was more what I was pointing towards.

It’s not a pleasant form to complete and if you were having a bad day due to MS symptoms you may put off completing it until you feel a bit better. Completing it as you feel on that day is doing yourself a disservice.

I was very lucky when it came to filling mine in. I had the help of a friend who actually works for the DWP on PIP and so I filled it in as she advised. I told no lies nor did I embellish anything but told a true reflection of how it affected me.

I was successful as it happens but I am aware of how they will mark you down at any opportunity. You only have to look at the news to see how many people are refused the benefit, appeal and then get it awarded.

Just don’t sell yourself short.

Well there you go then, where do you live and who is your MS team. I have never heard of anyone being given the ALL CLEAR with MS. Or is that because they have decided you never had it?

Do you still work? Disability is an open ended question. Is it the disability allowance you get with ESA?

PIP, is for people who have an illness any illness, mental health, as well who have lost their dependance because of an ongoing issue with health.

Jen sent the link i was going to send you. TAKE THE PIP TEST. If you take the test it will give you an insight as to what to expect.

If you are seeking help i would contact MS SOCIETY help line at first and they can advise you where to go or confirm what it is you are actually asking for.

I am thinking its ESA perhaps? Warning i tell you now you have to be strong to apply for PIP i mean mentally lol and dont join PIP groups they will turn you into a basket case lol with their woe is me and misinformation.

anyway @superfabulousdad i would ring MS Soceity first and go from there. GOOD LUCK, and remember what ever you choose collate together all the information you have about how your disability/MS is affecting your life and your indpendance, even down to taken photos of all your aids you use. x

go on i am linking anyway Take the Pip test. Take the PIP test

There are lots of questions here : where do you live? do you still work?
I would definitely contact a professional and ask his opinion about that. I used Myler legal service and wasn’t disappointed. I wouldn’t go to the random legal service and would also check the reviews about them first, here you can read myler disability reviews. Ask your friends and family if they know a reliable lawyer who is a specialist in this area or just search online for the best options in your area. You might need to spend some cash to get a legal advice but at the end it might be worse it.