Ms and benefits

Hi guys, I know it been a while but I’ve been going through a bit of a hard time. I’d like to know about disability benefits? before I was diagnosed with MS I was on DLA for a unrelated condition although it was the low rate. My question is do I contact DLA to tell them things have dramatically changed? I am now wheel çhair bound and have to pay quite a lot for my personal care. So do I notify the DLA or as I have been advised to do is to wait until I get a letter for a pip assessment? I hate having to claim benefits but you can have my benefits if you take my condition. I would be eternally grateful for any help with this guys. Thank you in advance… Paul

Hi Paul

Have a look at the following links:

No one on here can tell you whether to risk your existing benefit by advising you to reclaim in order to maybe get a higher rate of PIP.

Have a look at the free advice offered by the CAB and Carers UK. If you feel that you want to go further with a PIP claim, you may want to consider joining Benefits and Work. They offer great guides but they do charge about £20 per year for membership.


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Have you inquired to see if if you can get help towards your care costs?


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Hey polls,thank you for your message. As far as enquiring about care costs I wouldn’t know where to start lol. Hope you are well? Thanks again!..Paul x

Hi again Paul, to find out about care, first you have to get social services to assess your needs. Then they come up with a plan and costs. Then you have to be means tested to see if you can contribute anything.

That’s for starters. Want to know more?