Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with mS (finally). I have been on DLA for a few years now on middle rate care & low rate mobility but I’m really struggling a lot more recently with my mobility, memory and fatigue among other things. My DLA is due to be reviewed again in July 2016. Should I just leave it till then or fill in a new claim as my circumstances have changed in the hope of getting more money. I’m finding it very difficult & need to pay someone to help me as I have 2 very children. I’m sure I read somewhere that if you do a new claim you will have to be assessed for PIP earlier. Many thanks.

Hi, you`re right…DLA has changed to PIP. From 2015 all DLA-ers will have to be reassessed for PIP…even those who have it indefinitely (me).

But seeing as your condition has progressed, I think it would be a good idea to do a new claim.

Have you thought about applying for Direct Payments? I use this to pay for carers who do a lot of personal care and take me out.

If you`d like anymore info, please ask me.


If I was you I would apply now since you feel there has been change and you feel you should be entitled to more money. It will be pip but if I felt that I had a change in circumstances I would just go for it. No point in waiting until 2016 in my opinion. Cheryl:-)