hello i have been getting both components of DLA for about 12 years after having to go to a tribunal and then it was awarded to me for life. does anybody no if i will have to reapply for the PIP payments. is confusing me thanks in advance

I too got DLA indefinitely in 2003, and am wondering how the new ‘rules and regs’ will affect me. As I am now over retirement age I am hoping that I will not be affected as I understand PIP payments relate to people of working age but don’t quote me on that as I honestly believe that even those who set it up DO NOT KNOW.

I know and agree that the benefit system has to be sorted, but the only people who seem to be getting a hard time are those who least need it, the fraudsters still seem to be getting away with it in the majority of cases.

People with MS find the disease difficult to understand themselves, when you can do something one minute and then the whole thing goes pearshape and you find that things you have done without thinking all your live suddenly become an impossibility - how is anyone supposed to understand that?

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Hi, my award was also ‘for life’. not indefinitely, when they sent me IB 50s (for both IB and DLA) i was informed that ‘for life’ was actually obsolete now, this is a few years ago, however I received an answer to my renewal before they even would have received my IB 50! those awards were indefinite - I wish I could find the ‘for life’ letter as they seem to think there was never such a document! I hope you still have yours, I would fill in any forms and also include a copy of the letter, should you need to, I haven’t heard anything avbout PIP either yet, but as the ‘for life’ was a standard letter it would be interesting to hear their argument against it! I am not sure they could just fob people off by saying ‘that’s obsolete now’ legally.

Alison x

(I am glad someone else had one of these letters as I did start to doubt my own memory! we were posted overseas and have moved at least 6 times since and it seems to be the ONLY important piece of paper to go missing)

Yes. I was reading theGovts. papers [how sad is that] and even people with a DLA award for life will be getting re-assessed.


thanks for your replies will have to just get on with it like always cheers everyone