Hello,I have recently transferred from DLA to PIP,with DLA I had an indefinite award but with PIP it says they will contact me after Dec 2025.I have PPMS so my condition will not improve.Is this the normal length of time given for a PIP award for people with MS,What is the longest people are awarded PIP.

Hi, good to hear you got your PIP award. I am still on DLA, on indefinite high mobility and high personal care. I haven’t yet been called up for the transition.

I thought we would be called to reclaim every 3 years like before we got our indefinite status.

But 2025 is a good way off.


I just got my PIP award after having indefinate DLA (also have PPMS). I have to apply again in 2018!

As I understand it, indefinite awards do not occur. The govt are doing a consultation at the moment on the daily living component and AIDS / appliances so the qualifying standard may change, hence no indefinite awards.


I am not aware of PIP providing indefinite awards as DLA used to. The standard for PIP re assessment looks to be 3 years, until DWP get their heads round the fact that they will end up paying for pointless and unnecessary PIP form processing and medical assessments, or is that too much of a common sense approach? It will be interesting to see if there are many previously indefinite or long term DLA awards that are restricted when PIP is applied for? That should make for some interesting appeals!


Hi guys,I was at my PIP assessment on the 12th. I’ve had a text saying a payment will land in my bank in 14 days but that is all the info I am getting for now. There is allegedly a letter en route explaining everything that I should expect in 10 - 14 days. I forgot how much “fun” the brew is to deal with. T

As far as I am aware, 10 years is the longest they award it for. My latter from last year said they will look at my claim again in January 2025. Hope this helps xxx

So that’s our goal? If you get a PIP decision that grants the benefit for 10 years then you’ve won the jackpot. Relatively speaking. Obviously you’ve got the booby prize but if you’ve got no PIP worries for 10 years then that’s as good as it gets.


Just had my letter from PIP awarded high care and standard mobility since I can walk aided for 20 meters but not more than 50. So you need to be able to walk less than 20 meters aided or not. Will be looked at again Jan 2018. Hope this helps anyone still to go. T

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Yeh Sue, 10 years surely is a jackpot…and I`ll be 70chuffin3!!!