PIP Termination At Award Date After Tribunal

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any confirmed details relating to having PIP cancelled by the DWP and not reviewed at the end of the award period? As explanation, I received a letter from the DWP on Saturday morning to remind me that my PIP was ending in November. Having spoken to two departments, both told me that as I’d gone to Tribunal, my PIP would end at the end of the current award, they wouldn’t issue a review and that I now needed to reapply. Any advice and guidance would be most appreciated Craig

As I understand it, with PIP if you have a set award and it finishes on X date then that’s when it stops.So you need to apply before it runs out so you have a continuation of payment if you are entitled to it. ESA is different I believe.

Why the hell cant it be granted for “life” ??

I get my assessment every 3 years, which I think is stupid, its not like MS gets better with time, in fact it’s the opposite.

Apparently if you are not given enhanced for both at assessment time, then the award is for a limited period so they can assess when it’s right to give you the full award.

This was the explanation given to me by a decision maker when I enquired about the logic behind my award.

Hi, I started getting DLA in 2000 and had to re apply every 3 years.

Then last year, I was invited to apply for PIP. It worried me and lost a lot of sleep over it.

But I got the right result and was given it for 10 years.

I guess its cos Im old…68 next month!

I think you should re-apply and go through the whole debacle again…what a pain in the derriere!


PS An important point is to remember to say HOW your condition affects your daily life ie if you need equipment or the hep of another person to do anything other people take for granted.

DWP arent interested in diagnoses.


My PIP was awarded n January 2014 and is due for review in January 2021, at which time my original letter explains that they will contact me. Do I need to do anything now? Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Trish, maybe you could start asking for letters from neuros, physios, and any other health professionals who are involved in your care.


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Dear Bouds, thank you for your advice which I will sort out. Strangely after this post DWP have extended my review date to October 2021, Trish

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Thank you for your advice, which I will sort out. My review date has now been extended to October 2021 so a little more time, Trish