PIP Renewal

Hi everyone,

I was awarded PIP higher level for both daily living and mobility about 18 months ago, and my award runs out in August. Since then, I have received my formal diagnosis of MS. I’m just wondering what happens as August approaches…do I have to contact them and ask for another assessment, or will I be contacted automatically by them? What happens money-wise too? Will I continue to be paid it until they do another assessment?

i hope someone else has some experience of this, as it’s a bit of a minefield! I’m dreading the thought of having to fill that form in again, and wait for the assessment - it all seemed to take forever last time!

thanks again for any help you can offer!

Nicky x

Hi Nicky76,

Its a nightmare trying to navigate all the paperwork for PIP. I’ve just been awarded mine and I’m sure they said they would contact me well before the payment is due to be re evaluated, so I can be reassessed and inform them of any recent changes to my condition. Hope this helps:)

Thank you! Mine was only originally awarded for 2 years as I hadn’t been formally diagnosed, but now I have a firm diagnosis. I’ve also had to take ill health retirement from my job as a primary school teacher (I’m only 38), but they have enhanced my pension as they realise that I won’t be able to work in any capacity again. Before I got my pension, when I was on sick leave from work but my pay had stopped, I applied for ESA, and was put into the support group without any assessment, so I’m hoping that the PIP renewal will be as simple.

It’s just a nightmare how long it can all take, and as you said, the huge amount of paperwork involved! Thanks again for your help…hopefully others will have some positive stories to tell :slight_smile:

Normally they send renewal papers up to 12 months in advance of your renewal date. As your renewal is due in just a few months I would contact DWP to make sure that you get your renewal forms in good time. Although you have to fill the forms in again it’s not usually as stressful second time round. If you kept a copy of your first successful application you can use this as a template. Your current award will run out in August and payment will stop if you don’t make a renewal so it’s important to get the forms. If you fill the forms in and send them back by the date specified by DWP your money will not be interrupted because it will be assessed in time



My award runs out in March 2016 and have received my renew pack through. Ive been told they do send it out about a year before your award ends as the process is taking long to complete.

On my pack I received Ive to have the form sent back to them by mid April. So restarting the whole process again. Give them a call to check when they will be sending your renewal out.


Thanks everyone, I rang them today and they said a renewal form should have been sent out by now, so they’re going to pass it through to the appropriate department. Fingers crossed I will get it soon, as I certainly don’t want to get to August and them stop paying me it.

Does anyone have any knowledge of whether you also have to go through the face to face assessment again? I have reports from my neurologist, neuropsychologist and rehabilitation consultant all saying how bad I am, and I recently received my enhanced pension through ill health retirement. I sent my ESA form in with this evidence, and was put straight into the support group with no assessment, so I was hoping that it could be the same with PIP. Does anyone have any experience of it?

thanks again,

Nicky x

Hi Nicky

On my first award I didn’t go for a face to face assessment. I think it really depends on how they evaluate the evidence and what you send in.

Ive prepared myself for a face to face assessment this time around as didnt last time. Hopefully you won’t need to go through it again.


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