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My PIP is due to run out next February. It ‘should’ be a rubber-stamp job of just renewing it for X amount of years… but you never know with the DWP.

I don’t know if I’ll be called for another full assessment or just be asked to fill in forms to say whether anything has changed. This will be the first renewal after having been awarded it 2 years ago. Does anyone know whether it’s a ‘light touch’ or full-on stress-inducing assessment?

It gets confusing as PIP is replacing DLA and it’s not an exact crossover. PIP is only for those of pre-retirement age who meet the criteria based on their impairment. Post-retirement you get state pension but may also qualify for other benefits.

I’ve just had a look at this on

They say: The DWP now send out a form which is shorter than the ‘How your disability affects you’ (PIP2) form for reviews of existing awards.

Plus: The Award Review form goes to a DWP case manager (decision maker) initially, rather than a health professional.
DWP guidance says the case manager “will compare the new information against the evidence from the previous assessment”. The case manager can also contact you or your carer for more information, but cannot send for more medical evidence.
If the case manager cannot make a decision, then all the information is forwarded to Independent Assessment Services or Capita for assessment by a health professional.

So it seems that the whole review process is easier than previously. Obviously, don’t take my word for it! It’s the DWP after all! Check it out on benefitsandwork or the CAB websites.


My motto is ‘be prepared’ you’re given a time limit to fill in the form. Start getting your evidence together now.

If you put into a search engine PIP review form
Asset publishing gives a sample of the Government form with all the questions.
Citizens Advice give good too.
Sue gave you another link.

You need to tell them how things have changed since your last assessment.

I keep an MS diary which lists anything that has changed in my every day life and things I’ve needed to buy to help me function, and new aids.
I photocopied pages,
I typed the questions and my answers as find it difficult to write. Made it easier to add things too.
Just made sure my name and NI number on each page.

I have SPMS so explained that it is progressive. Just state the obvious as the person reading the review may not know what MS is.

Include any letters from Medics - NOT hospital appointments they show nothing.

As I said - be prepared.
Let us know how you get on.


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i have friends who have already had a letter to remind them they will be on review next year. like a warning to get ready lol. not sure why they have had them but they have. i would follow the link @Ssssue put up. Start gathering evidence just in a case but the form is usually easier if its just a rewview of condition.

Thanks everyone for the useful info. I already keep an MS diary and have all my letters from Neuro etc… one of the things that’s worrying me a bit is that I haven’t actually had an appointment either f2f or virtual since Jan 2020 and my last MRI scan was July 2019.

I have written to Neuro to let him know current state of health and how things have changed, but I’m not sure without having had a current appointment or scan, whether this will be good enough.

Guess I’ll have to wait and see… arghh!!

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