Anyone had a Pip review recently?

Hi not been on here much recently!

My wife was awarded PIP at lower rate for both daily living back in 2017 following an injury at work in 2015, literally 4 days after her F2F for PIP she had what we now Know was an MS relapse which led to diagnosis and her current disabilities.

When the review arrived the next year it was a box to tick for each task depending if things had got worse,better or no change. The question was then what has happened and how has this made things harder. So had there been no change tick the boxes and send back,no comments needed.

She has just got her next review through. The tick boxes have gone replaced by “Tell us if something has changed and approximately when”. No problem here just write “No change”

The next bit is “Tell us how you manage this activity now including the use of any aids you need” which to me is asking us to go right through everything again? as it makes no reference to any changes? has anyone had this form yet and sent back with a comment such as “no change please refer to previous review document from 2018” and been successful in keeping award without a further F2F?

Strangely the next bit is Tell us about any CHANGES to the help you need or the help you get from another person. I have put changes in caps to highlight it isn’t in caps on form.

Really struggle to explain and do justice to the difficulties my wifes Ms causes,and the variability and effects of fatigue etc and trying to write it down in a reasonably short explanation(they provide 3 lines!)

A bit stressed out now!



Hi I recently transferred from DLA to PIP after 20 years on the former. So I guess IIve not had the form like the one your wife has. But I think to get our just desserts, we HAVE to tell DWP as much as possible. Have I misunderstood, or is it right that there HAVE been changes since your OHs fall? Tell em all. xxx

I think you may be mixing me up with someone else? My wife has had the odd Fall from time to time throughout the last 3 years but fortunately not really any further damage done,so nothing we would describe as her Fall!

Hi Ollie,

I got PIP for first time in Jan 2017 - ends March 2021. Higher for mobility, standard for daily living

I’ve read that they can send out a renewal form from a year before it ends, so am expecting a form in the next few months.

With my first form, I ticked boxes but typed the text onto a word document using their question numbers. Said it was easier to type than hold a pen. More room and you can add things if you remember new details. Put on the form which page number your answer is on. Just put everything relevant down, add photos, letters of support, copies of your symptom diary etc.

Put applicants name, NI number and page number at the bottom of every page ( as a footer).

I’ve started my document already as there is a time limit.

As I have my previous document saved I can use it to show or quote any change.

Think we all have to be organised to fill in these dratted forms! I’m just hoping to bamboozle them into giving me a 10 year award so they don’t have to plough through all my documents in a few years time!

Hope it goes well.


i was awarded higher rate for both components 3 years ago for 10 years, however out of the blue i have a review form sent through 7 years early, the covering letter thanked me for informing them of changes in my circumstances although i have had absolutely no contact with them. i am awaiting their response as to why they have contacted me 7 years ealy.

Just logged on to update this thread as my wife has got her decision through a few days ago and stayed at higher rate as she should and a 5 year award.We were hoping this means no more stress from this for a while but then see Ians story above!

Great news, thanks for warning people about the ambiguous questions.

As the government is saying ‘be alert’!!


i recently had a secretary of state review, it was like starting all over again, after several months of not hearing from them i rang them and they said they had decided not to review my case after all as i had MS and the award would be unchanged, they just didnt tell me that, so i had several months of needless stress waiting to hear from them.