PIP Award Reviews and Covid

I have just received a letter from the DWP saying that reviews have been suspended due to covid and so that I won't be left bereft they have extended my award until October 2023.

Bless their cotton socks!!

i applied back in August and still dont know if i will get it, i had a telephone call which had been cancelled twice, now just waiting again - at least im getting good at patience

Mine was extended from March 2021 until December 2021.

Anonymous, if you get anything it will be backdated to the day you first phoned to get the forms.

Was the first thing that I knew I’d got something was when I got ££ in my account.

Fingers crossed.


Me the same, October 2023

I got my letter a couple of days ago, giving me until December 2022. Maybe my MS will disappear then.

Jean x

we can always hope, A

June 2023 for me.

I transferred from DLA to PIP in 2019. I had someone visit me at home for the assessment. It caused me much stress and sleepless nights.

Although I was awarded the full whack, there were 2 comments I strongly disagreed with. But I didnt need to argue the points.

She said I could go into town, buy food and come home and cook a meal…neither possible…

Then a good point about me being old (68)…I was given the award for 10 years…who knows if I`ll still be around then!


I got my award extended to December 2023.I have a panic attack when i see a brown envelope land on my door matt these days.

I like the opening line and design of it. “We suspend Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Award”… Someone’s having a laugh. Muppets. They should try it sometime.

Got the same letter - my award is extended until July 2024

Same for me, an extension to Oct 2024. It wasn’t even due to expire for a while anyway but if they’re offering it then I’m taking it (same as with the Covid Vaccine).

Same letter for me extended to May 2024

Hi, I got rejected twice from DWP, took them to the appeal, rang to say I was getting it, always appeal people, they seem to back down, always helpful when MS nurse writes a letter.

It appears that most tribunals find in favour of the claimant. They are actually humans, nice humans. Legal bods who don’t work for the DWP.

Mine has been moved from Sept 2022 to May 2023

Brown envelope on the doormat yesterday… aghhhh

Was extended from March to December.

Had to do a new application for blue badge as that expires end of March and my PIP extension is until end of December not paying £10 twice.

Got all my answers ready as was expecting letter this month.

I’ll let you know how I get on.