PIP renewal.... grrr!

My PIP was due to run out in February 2022 but I then got a letter last January to say it had been extended til November 2022.

Today I’ve received a ‘review your award’ form which they need back by 21st January. Have they forgotten about the 2nd letter then…?! Can they arbitrarily change their minds once an award has been extended?

Words just fail me…


Irritating :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:s. All I can say. Have you joined PIP claim help, plus ESA, DLA & Universal Credit ? Not that it tells you anything there about the gits changing their mind about dates changing (I just checked the members only guide to PIP).

You have my sincere sympathy. I hate the very idea of a review!


Update - I rang them… after spending 20 minutes in a queue, eventually got to speak to someone and apparently the reviews are taking so long, that they are sending out the letters/forms now so that they have been looked at by the time the expiry date comes around! I asked if that meant the decision would be made earlier and she said it was possible, but unlikely.

What a state this country is in!

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A humane government would abolish this cruel policy, but sadly, this one isn’t it. Pepe pig might fly first.

I’m sure our Glorious Leader already knows for sure that Peppa Pig can fly. After all, we know he’s been to visit her world.


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As much as it really causes anxiety when claimants see those dreaded brown envelopes sitting on their door mat, it’s a lot better than ending up with nowt because the award ran out and then have to wait months for everything to be processed. That really would be a pain in the neck!

Also, thanks to covid, if nothing has changed about your needs and assuming that a claim isn’t particularly ambiguous you might find that they only need a paper based review or telephone call instead of the hassle of having to attend a face to face assessment. (of course thats not a promise)

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That’s a much better way of looking at it! Thank you @Dollydaydream


I had the same! My original PIP was due to be reviewed/renewed March 2022. I also received a letter last January saying it had been extended to November 2022 then I received a renewal pack last week stating that my award runs out in March (original date). I emailed my ms nurse (who I haven’t seen in over 2 years) and she saw me in person in the week and provided me with a covering letter explaining my diagnosis and how ms can affect me. I am hoping that is enough as I haven’t seen anyone so have no “evidence” or clinic reports etc to provide. I’ve just plodded on, shielded etc etc and not even tried to bother my gp who is near impossible to see. I have answered all of the questions modelling my answers from 3 year’s ago at the last award and explained some changes (slightly worse, non have improved) and hope it is enough. Good luck x

Morning, I was due to have mine reviewed March 2022, got a letter back end of last year, we’re extending it until December 2022, Friday morning letter dropped on the mat, we’re reviewing you now, forms need to be back by the 5th February, much simpler form, but nevertheless worrying, I’m much worse now, but always fear the worst.