Annual PIP letter.

Hi, quick question. I get PIP and normally get an annual letter but nothing since March 2019. I take it this could be due to Covid etc. Still getting my allowance, asking as need the letter for evidence. Are other people not receiving their letter. Thanks in advance Meriel xx

I received mine last week.

Sarah x

Hi Meriel,

My PIP ended March 2021 but got a letter in September 2020, saying it was being extended to December 2021 because of Covid.

You usually get renewal 6 months before PIP ends.

As it happened I got my review letter at the end of January. I had everything ready, all typed up, documentation, photos, copies of Neurologists report, receipts for aids I need etc. Be prepared. Sent it off, decision came back after about 4 weeks, same award which I was hoping for/expecting.

They will keep paying you PIP until decision on review is made.

When is your PIP due to end? Is this your first review?

If it is I’ll send you the questions they ask. Basically ask if your symptoms have changed since last award, and if so how. DON’T put THE SAME. Say that you continue to find etc.

You only have a month to complete it so start getting your evidence together now.

Top tip, type it. Can add info as you remember it. Just put your name and NI number on every page and write question number on.

Good luck,


I received the usual Xmas letter say I had the usual £1.50 Xmas bonus.

Hi Jen,

Thanks for your reply, I won’t be reassessed till 2027 but get a yearly letter, last was 2019!

I need prove that I’m getting PIP. I’m getting the payments, it’s just the up to date letter to prove it.

Tried their helpline but never ending queue!!

Keep safe

Meriel xx

Hi Meriel,

Glad you don’t have a review until 2027.

I needed an updated letter and just phoned and they sent one. (pre Covid)

Guess you’ll just have to phone and listen to the hold music!

Put your phone on speaker phone and do a crossword.

Good luck.


I received my annual letter telling me about a rise in payment. Like Dogtanian I got a letter a week or so ago, that could be because we live in the same area. Is that the letter you are referring to?

Jan x

Hi Tabatha,

You can ask the DWP for a proof of benefits letter. Just use the phone number on your previous PIP letters. It’s quite simple all you need is the usual proof of identification that you give whenever you call them. And you should receive the required letter back within about a week.