kick in the teeth

Well found out today that after being told that those on indefinate dla awards won’t be touched till 2015, that we are being sent a 35pg hell book to fill out to again. Prove that we are disabled, this has been designed to get us into atos assessments earlierr to get us off dla faster before pip kicks in, I’ve had it with this crap

Eh? Like you, I thought us lot on indefinite DLA weren`t supposed to be contacted about PIP until 2015!!! WTF is this?

Have you actually got the PIP papers, or is it that you`ve been told this?

Ive only just got over the ESA stuff and my Direct Payments review. I was so worried about both and thought id have a rest from worry re DLA/PIP.

luv Pollx

Just like Poll, I understood that the indefinite DLAers weren’t getting assessed just yet - worrying news. Try contacting the MS helpline for clarification or if they don’t know then I’m sure they will be interested to hear this.

Me again…panic over…I think!

Due to what your post said, I`ve just googled the subject.

I was asked my date of birth and if I am already on DLA.

I was told i wont be asked to fill a PIP claim in until Oct 2015, unless my current claim is due to be renewed before 2015. Mine isnt. Is yours? But no, you say you are on DLA indefintiey, like me.


luv Pollx

Omg!! Something else to worry about… Might as well lay down and die.

No. no, no! Stick with us and keep fighting!


It was posted by the black triangle group this morning, like you I’m panicking about it aswell as I’m stil waiting for yet another letter from atos AGAIN

Who are they then?

Was it scaremongering?


The ms helpline says that they haven’t heard much about it but they have heard a little but cannot be confirmed

Ok looks like scare tactics by someone o the other site, just been CONFIRMED, watit says on this website bout pip is real, you will only be contacted if your circumstnces change or your entitlement is due to run out if your on indefinate dla award, apart from that you will NOT get forms till oct 2015. I’m sorry bout any stress this has caused, I just thought you shud know incase we were gona get shafted again. PANIC OVER

Oh thank god for that… Thank you for letting us all know Lynn x

Me again.

I`ve just double checked on DWP official info site.

Those of us who`s DLA is indefinite and is not up for renewal will not be invited to claim for PIP until 2015.

Phew can`t we soon be upended, eh?


I’ve been so scared al day bout this, I’m damn happy its not true

Ain’t it worrying with people spelling untruths on other sites. See my post on the pip mobility consultation. S4ar

[quote=“s4ar”] Ain’t it worrying with people spelling untruths on other sites. See my post on the pip mobility consultation. S4ar [/quote] True, I’m not postin anythin now unless I check it, I put it on the other site that its aload of rubbish

Why would you believe anything stated by the Black Triangle?!

Going anon as I had a run in with them a while ago.