FYI PIP Timetable (from DWP website)

PIP timetable

The timetable for moving working age disability living allowance (DLA) claimants onto personal independence payment (PIP) has been put back by two years, until after the next election, for people with indefinite or lifetime awards of DLA.

From April 2013
The new timetable will begin with a pilot from 8th April 2013 for new claims to PIP in the North West and part of the North East of England. Postcodes affected are:

CA, CH (except CH5, CH6, CH7 and CH8), LA (except LA27, LA28, LA62 and LA63), CW, FY, L, PR, WA, WN, BL, DH, DL (except DL6, DL7, DL8, DL9, DL10 and DL11), M, NE, SR, and TS (except TS9).

From June 2013
From June 2013, all new claims from anyone aged 16-64 will be for PIP instead of DLA throughout the whole of Great Britain.

The only exception will be renewal claims from a fixed term DLA award which is due to expire before the end of February 2014, where the renewal claim will still be for DLA rather than PIP.

From October 2013
From October 2013 the following DLA recipients will begin to have to claim PIP:

Children turning 16 will have to claim PIP when their existing fixed term award is coming to an end.

People reporting changes of circumstances which might affect their rate of payment, such as an improvement or deterioration in their condition, but not issues like going into a care home or hospital or changing address.

People with a fixed-term DLA award which expires from the end of February 2014

Anyone who chooses to make an application for PIP, including people who have a fixed-term or indefinite award of DLA.

From October 2015
From October 2015, everyone still getting DLA will have to make a claim for PIP. Claimants will be selected randomly rather than by area or age, although the DWP say that they will “invite claims as early as possible from recipients who have turned 65 after 8 April 2013, when PIP was first introduced.”

The DWP does not now expect to complete the reassessment of all existing DLA claimants for PIP until March 2018.


Thank you George.

It’s all a bit worrying especially when Atos ruled me unfit for work and retired me early through ill health as a medical secretary. I am very concerned about all of this and the stress it is going to cause to me and all my friends on here.

Thanks again for this information. Really helpful as usual.

Shazzie xx

Oh thankyou George.

Your post has eased a worry for me and my hubby.

I am being put through the IB to ESA wringer and that is scaring me silly.

So the deferring of DLA indefinetly awarded folk, is good news.

luv Pollx

Me again.

I read something on DWP site yesterday, that worries me.

See what you think and how you interpret this;

It is with regard to the changes to DLA…PIP.

As we all know, currently anyone over 65, who needs help, applied for Attendance Allowance. and not DLA. Now from what I gather, AA doesnt have a mobility component, does it?

In 2015, I will get my state pension…ie not of working age…I`ll be 62.5 yrs of age.

So in my claim for PIP, will I be regarded as an Attenance Allowance claimant and hence lose my mobility component?

I hope I have made my question clear.


luv Pollx

Poll my darlin,

Didn’t recognise you; you changed your name?

First if you get DLA now you will still get the mobility component after retirement. Forget about your DLA allowance now; do you meet the requirements of the new PIP criteria, there’s a test on the DWP site. The criteria’s are different but as they say because you give yourself points; does not mean the ATOS assessor will give the same.

If you do not get DLA now put in for it before you retire.

What is more important but nothing you can do (I’m in the same boat) the state pension is going to be £148 PW for everyone in 2016. But if you receive a pension before; I start in 2015 at £112 PW it stays at that. So what you receive in 2015 it will remain; if you started in 2016 it would be £148 PW; still I suppose they have to have a cut off but just our luck eh!


Cheers George. Yes I did change my username a few weeks ago. I`m surprised you didnt see all my angst in trying to get an avatar. In the end, lovely Stewart (mod) did it for me, as I was so dense when trying to follow instructions!

It was Wb, who called me Boudica when I posted about my campaign for Changing Places toilets. Do you know about these super-dooper loos?

Right, back to the matter i`m asking for help with now…

I have asked for a state pension forecast, and am told that I will get £120 a week…yes this will be in 2015, when I will be 62.5.

I am on DLA now and have been since 2000. I had it awarded definitely in 2008. So you have eased my fears about the mobility component.

I am off now to do the PIP test.

Ill let you know what I score myself. Yes, I do realise that they` may well score me differently.

luv Pollx

me yet again George.

Just completed the PIP self test and i didnt lay it on any worse than it actually is…in fact I may have been a little light on 1 or 2 questions.

I scored 24 for care and 24 for mobility.

So this put me on enhanced rate for both parts.

So i`ll stop fretting about that now too.

luv Pollx

Just did the PIP self test George and I scored 41 which is a huge weight off my mind. I would encourage all the lovely people here who are worried to do the test. It is much simpler than the DLA assessment form.

Thank you for the link.

Shazzie xxx

I agree Shazzie. It`s made me feel much better. Think Ill post about it, so everyone can do the self test.

They`ll have us all too scared to breathe at this rate, eh?

luv Pollx

Yes. I agree Poll. I was very happily surprised.

Go for it. Cheer us all up!!

Thank goodness for George!