PIP introduction

I picked up this bit of info recently from our local council website:

From 2015 – we will start to contact everyone else receiving DLA (unless they report a change in how their health condition or disability affects them, or if their award is due to end). We will write to individuals in plenty of time and they do not need to contact DWP now.

So the dreaded PIP assessment won’t be taking place for at least 2 years.


To clarify the above info, the reassessment for those on indefinate awards will not start until october 2015.

New claimants will start in April 2013 in selected areas in the north of england.

Other areas of great britain will start in june 2013 for new claimants.

Change of circumstances claims for present claimants will start in october 2013 along with those who have fixed award periods.

www.gov.uk/pip has all the info including the rates of payment.


I just realised this info is on the MSS site as well - apols for not spotting this earler.

The date in 2015 is October so even better news.

Thanks for the clarification as well s4ar

Found this link on the gov’t website The Social Security (Personal Independence Payment) Regulations 2013 it gives the points and qualifiers for the PIP assessment.

hope it helps