Disability Living Allowance

I was wondering if anybody has heard of any changes, deductions or cancelations of this. I am realy worried about the Goverment stopping this. I have emailed my local parliment member 3 times but no answer. David Cameran is my local M.P so is he to buisy?? Can some body replie ?

Hi its been discussed here: (Page 2). 

Disabilty Benefit everyone being reassed like Esa 

I've just had an award through of DLA so I read the details.  New applications will be for PIP from autumn 2013.  Current DLA holders will be reassessed from autumn 13 onwards to 2016. This will involve a medical. So it will happen but it might not be for a while.  Age Concern has a really good factsheet on DLA as well which might be useful.