I’ve been putting this off, but it’s going to happen anyway, so do I bite the bullet or wait for the inevitable.

Several years ago I was granted DLA highest rate for mobility, then about three or four years later the middle rate for the care component.

Since then my needs have increased substantially, but I’ve heard so many stories about PIP being refused I thought it best to leave well alone and make the best of what I’ve got rather than risk losing the lot.

However, someone has pointed out to me that I really should make the claim now and that my mobility is so poor I ought to be on the higher rate. I think PIP only has two rates though.

So, what do you all think? Claim now or wait to be contacted?


I believed that the DWP would write to you when it was appropriate to apply for a switch from DLA to PIP ?

Until this ‘invite’ is received in the post, I assumed you continued with whichever existing benefit(s) you received ?

(…I’d have thought your area would have to be ready first, before for you switched - so an individual ‘jumping the gun’ may not be possible, or even speed the process up at all. The local authority/DWP would write to you first ?!)

As always, clarification won’t be too far away from someone who knows ‘the system’ much better than I !!

Take care,


(Still receiving ESA & DLA)

If your needs have changed then (as far as I understand it) you can switch from DLA to PIP voluntarily. However, your award could be changed for the worse or increased. What you should probably try to do is to get some expert advice (CAB?) rather than just jump into the piranha tank with no suitable safety gear!

Thanks. I’m not trying to jump the gun, or the queue, I just don’t know what to do for the best. I was opting for waiting to be contacted, but my needs are much greater now than when DLA was awarded.

Hi Flowerpot,

I too suggest an appointment with the CAB. If you have a local MS treatment centre they may have someone who can help advise you.

If you are already getting the higher rate mobility - that can’t be bettered. DLA only has 2 levels of mobility the same as PIP and the payment is the same so even though your mobility has deteriorated you wouldn’t get any more.

If you are getting middle rate care on DLA you could possibly upgrade that to enhanced on PIP (£55.10 for one £82.30 the other) to get higher rate care on DLA you had to need care during the night but that is not a requirement for PIP. For PIP you need to score 12 points on the care activities (dressing, toileting, cooking etc) Google “PIP points” for some useful info about descriptors and points.

Once you have guesstimated your care points you will be able to make a better decision. If you think that you would easily get 12 points then it is worth having a go. If the 12 points are a stretch then maybe you would have nothing to gain.

One important point is that the criteria for getting higher rate mobility has changed. For DLA it was 50m for PIP you need to be unable to walk more than 20M. If you can walk more than 20m DO NOT APPLY FOR PIP EARLY because you will loose your higher rate mobility payment.


I was awarded high rate mobility five years ago and either low or middle rate care I don’t remember which, I cancelled the care component when I returned to work a year later. I have since deteriorated and applied for care again in December, because I am on DLA mobility I had to apply for DLA care which was awarded at the middle rate. If you ring them and explain your situation my guess is they would send you a DLA form which is what they did for me. There was an option on the form whereby we didn’t have to fill in the mobility component again see page 12 of the claim form (I say we what I mean is Citizens advice)

My award is indefinite so I’m assuming at some point they will be in touch and I will have to go through the changeover to PIP, I’m not looking forward to it but I will again go to CAB for assistance they were brilliant helping me to reclaim the care component.

Good luck

Jan x

Hi I noticed this on the MS UK news website a piece about DLA becoming PIP.

If you already claim Disability Living Allowance (DLA), from 25 May 2015 if you live in the postcode areas for Bristol, Cambridge, Colchester, Dartford, Gloucester, Milton Keynes, Paisley, Romford Swindon, Spalding or Southend you will be asked to claim ‘Personal Independence Payment’ instead.

You may need support to fill in the forms and prepare for your face-to-face assessment with an independent health professional. You can get in touch with the MS-UK Helpline and talk to one of our MS Advisors who have all received welfare rights training and will be able to support you though the process.

We’re here to help

The MS-UK Helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm each day.

• Call for free on 0800 783 0518 (Call charges apply from a mobile)

• Use our web chat service

• Send us an e-mail to

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