Pip & DLA

Hi,I have just been awarded higher rate dla mobility for an indefinite period,what will happen when pip comes into play,will I be in danger of having the new pip taken away.I am concerned at ordering a motability car if it were taken away if I didnt meet the pip reequirements.

thanks for your help

Hi Any person with dla I’ll be “invited” to apply. If you google it and follow dwp DPA link Mike

I have just been awarded it too and have just got a mobility car.

I have read up on PIP and it says those who have DLA and do not need to renew their claim will be the last to change over to the new scheme. That will be about 2016. They are starting with all new claims, then DLA renewal claim then us last.

I just need to make sure we have enough money saved to buy a car if I do not qualify for PIP.

Lindsay x

Hi baby love If you don’t mind me asking, ow long did your claim for DLA take? In the north west apparently they are looking for 2013 roll out Mike x

I agree Mike I also read 2013 they will be rolling out PIP…

Hi, I got my DLA indefinitely in 2008. The ESA change from IB is happening to us all next year, I`ve read.

It is a worrying time, even if we do still fit the criteria. Some folk on here are told they should find work, when clearly they can`t. Then they have to appeal and win. We can sure do without the hassle, eh?

luv Pollx

I know it seems easier said than done but I would try not to worry about this.
I get DLA at the higher rate and have a mobility car.

I’m just going to carry on as normal.

I don’t get cars with a huge pre pay so if it were taken away from me I wouldn’t loose thousands – perhaps that’s something to consider.

If you get a car with no prepay and loose it 2 years time how are you worse off than you are now?


My claim took about 16 weeks. As for the change to PIP. They are starting next year but only with new claims. Then they are starting with those on DLA who need to renew their claims. Anyone who is on DLA indefinately will not be contacted untill after everyone else. They think this will be 2016. Does this make sence now as I am no good at explaining things x

Oh and I agree with Jane. Try not to stress about this type of thing. I paid 399 towards my car and if I lose it it’s no great loss ALTHOUGH I have said to my husband we need to make sure we have money set aside for a car if anything does happen.

I would highly recommend a motability car (although I have only just got one). I can no drive about worry free. If I brake down I now only have to ring a number and will get roadside assistance. If something major goes wrong with the car I don’t have to worry about finding the money for repairs. No worry about my car passing it’s MOT anymore etc etc.


I am very worried about this happening. I get HRm and MRC on DLA at the moment, but when PIP comes in I don’t what rates of PIP I will be on. It is likely that I am going to qualify for the Enhanced rate for mbility but I am not sure that I will even qualify for the standard rate of care under PIP. This is a real worry for me as I rely on the car to keep me independent.

The other worry that I have is that as being single and in receipt of MRC I get the Severe Disablitiy Premium (about £55 per week). If I get the standrd rate of care I am not sure if I would qualify for this and under the new Universal Credit that is being brought in, I understand that I could well be losing this. I am also in receipt of the Enhanced Disability Premium as well as I am in the Support group of ESA,and again I am not sure if I will even qualify for this. I am concerned re the future, but I do inderstand why the Coalition government is doing this.

It is being made much harder to claim PIP as the government have moved away from using the social model of disablity and have started to use the biopsychosocial model, which is the social model use by the NHS. This social model believes that healthcare is about the biological state, the psychological state of the patient and the social environemnt in which the patient is living. This model was also used for the new much harsher descriptors that started in March last year. It follows what are the Activities of Daily Living. This includes such things as preparing food and drink, eating, bathing and grooming, moving around. Unlike DLA it does not take into account if you need care during the day or night or many other things that DLA does.

There has been a massive increase in the number of people successfully claiming DLA. The number of claimaints with physical diffuclties has stayed around the same and the number of people with mental health issues successfully claiming DLA has risen dramatically in the last few years. It is this rise in DLA claimaints that the government wants to stop, By doing away with the low rate care, which is effectively what they are doing, then a lot of people able to claim DLA will be unable to claim PIP.

I am not sure when people who have an indefinite DLA claim wil be invited to apply for PIP, but it is likely, in my estimation to start in 2014 as they want all indefinite claimants to have been assessed by 2016.


Hi Poll. The change from IB to ESA has already started. My sister in Leeds had hers last year. She was lucky to be put in the support group. I received my letter last week as did my friend. We are just waiting for someone to ring us and explain things. Then we will be sent out a form to fill in. We will then be told whether we have to attend a medical or not.


surley the government must see sense over this,and relaise that dooctors declared us unfit to work ,and an illness that we did not cause, there must be some compassion in this goverment somewhere,he always talks about the saftet net for those who need it,save themselves thousands by not taking benefit from us,and making us go to appeal,which we would win,just my opinion

Good Luck with that.