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I am looking for some advice. I have been through the process of applying for PIP. I have been awarded the standard rate for care and mobility. I was on enhanced rate for mobility under DLA and had a mobility car. I was originally awarded nothing so I appealed and was then placed on standard rate for both. I then took it to tribunal for the mobility side to get it increased to the enhanced rate again to be able to keep my mobility car. I was not successful so my mobility car has gone back. My consultant has agreed my condition has deteriorated since my original application. How do I now proceed? I am receiving standard rate so i do not want to re-apply. I have looked at the DWP website and there is a change of circumstances section. Do I go through this channel with supporting letters from my consultant and MS Nurse to say my condition has deteriorated in the hope of being awarded the higher rate for mobility and be able to reapply for a motability car? Has anyone else been in this position?

Hi Polly Not been through it yet,but I suggest speaking to the Citizens Advice Bureau, they should have good knowledge of all this. Dan

Hi Polly, I have had to do this before myself and I rang PIP to inform them of change in circumstance I.e deteriorated and they then will inform you on what needs to be done next! Hope this helps. Laura

Yes, ring pip centre and tell them you have deteriorated and theres a chang in circumstances , i imagine you fill in a form again. And thry will look at your case with fresh eyes. Make sure you get written letters from all your mrdical team. Its important you see them all, so they can see your deterioration and support your new pip application.

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Definatley talk to the CAB

If you have a change of circumstances then forms will be sent out and you then fill them in again which then means you will be reassessed as if it’s a new claim.

Be very careful as you can just as easily loose the award you already have.I go on a PIP forum and lots are loosing their exsisting awards when they tell PIP they have got worse.