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Hi All,

I have a concern/queries that someone may be able to help with. On Thursday I received the dreaded brown envelope with the letter saying I now need to transfer from DLA to PIP. I’ve heard of so many horror stories about it am worried silly. I have SPMS and was awarded DLA indefinitely, both parts being high rate, in 2010 . I lost my job in 2011 due to the ms & since then I have deteriorated quite significantly. Our bungalow & its access has been wheelchair adapted and the the bathroom made into a wet room, done by local authority. I’m in the support group ESA & also have a wav motability vehicle which the 5yr lease ended earlier this month. Unfortunately the new one has been ordered and is due for delivery early May, hence one of the real worries the other being the financial loss & its implications.

I don’t know whether to inform motability or cancel the order and return this vehicle or just leave it until I get a decision? I’m waiting for the forms to come but can’t write the info they need because of tremor, I can type & print on separate paper, does anyone know if they’ll accept this?

Thankyou for being there & I hope you all enjoy your Easter (and lots of chocolate:)


They will accept your responses on separate sheets. That was how I completed my application as there was no way I could write the answers. All you have to do is make sure each sheet contains your name and NI Number.

Try not to worry too much, because although you hear a lot of horror stories, I was awarded Enhanced rates for both PIP components based solely on my application form. Just make sure that you include as much evidence with your application as you can.


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Hello Sandie

Before you do anything, think about the biggest immediate worry - your new WAV. Can you walk more than 20 metres? Safely, repeatedly, reliably? If not, then you should qualify for the enhanced level of the mobility component of PIP. And don’t worry about the new WAV. Leave the order as it is.

Have a look at Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice for the basic rules.

You can do a basic PIP test on

I recommend getting help to complete the form, maybe from the CAB or another welfare rights advisor. If you don’t have any help and are able to do it yourself, I recommend joining the Benefits and Work website. It costs about £20, but is well worth it for their members only guides.

The other thing you should start doing as soon as possible is gathering evidence for your claim. Have a look at any letters you have from your neurologist, MS nurse, Social Services Care Assessment, other doctors, in fact anyone who backs up your statements about your care and mobility needs. If you don’t have suitable evidence, try to get some. I had letters from my rehab specialist, neurologist, physiotherapist and MS nurse. I also included photos of my house showing adaptations, like the wetroom, grab bars, etc.

And try not to worry about it. I find the best way to approach benefit claims is to be non combative. To treat the questions as reasonable ways to explain to the assessors exactly how live is for you. Use the form as a means of demonstrating how your MS affects you and how this applies to their descriptors.

Good luck.


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Hi Sandie,

Yes, I typed my answers. Put the question numbers down the side. Also means you can add information if you think of any.

Don’t forget there is a time limit so get things together asap.

As mentioned put your name and NI number and number every sheet.


Hi Sandie,

Motability are aware that the transition frm DLA to PIP is causing problems and has “transitional support” for customers who lose their mobility allowance. The amount depends on when you entered into your first lease agreement.

In an article from last year Motability stated that they “are working with customers who have WAVs on a case-by-case basis to assist with their mobility plans.”

You should contact them for advice, if only to put your mind at rest.



(and thanks for the chocolate)

Hi Sandie, there are more successes than failures. Sorry for lengthy reply, I hope it covers some of your concerns.

Neils reply is totally right, and great advice.

My application form barely had any writing, my daughter wrote the basics. I typed around 5 sheets of separate paper, each headed with my name & N.I number (the details are at the beginning of the form or accompanying help sheet), referred to the question number and my reply.

Give as much information about how your condition affects you, how often. Be as clear as possible to avoid them not realising the full effects on your daily living. Stress the improvements of ramps, wetroom, alteration for access, when they were done and why. Be quite literal in explaining every little point because the decision maker can’t guess.

For your motobility WAV, at present you are still fully entitled to it, the fact of PIP application coinciding with renewing WAV is not your doing. I It takes between 12 - 16 weeks for the DWP to give their decision (again, not your doing), so if, and it is a big if, they decide you don’t qualify for motobility, then your new vehicle is returned. No harm in phoning Motobility direct yourself just for reassurance.

From your description, it would appear you should easily qualify, but that’s because we know how MS affects us. Ensure you give clear explanatory answers together with all supporting evidence, as it helps the decision makers to award the correct points. Enclose copies off all reports from Social workers, Occupational health, Continence Nurse, Speech therapists, Physiotherapists etc. Remember no information is insignificant. Likewise, all of the above will confirm your problems when a one to one interview is conducted.

I got myself in a stressed state from start to finish, yet received enhanced rates for mobility & enhanced rates for care. Both for at least 10 years. It equals the same amount of high rate DLA

Chrissie x

ok Sandie take a deep breath. Yes horror stories caused a lot of unnecessary stress to a lot of people, and some were so scared they didnt even re-apply.

I sailed through it. enchanced in both. You need your doctor and neuro on your side.

what you have to remember is the people who read your application (which you can type or i believe someone else can fill it in for you) they dont know you, cant see you, and can only go by the evidence you send them.

So dig out all your paperwork for O.T assessment, if you had care assessment, letters with diagnosis, everything that shows how your MS affects you independently. It is not DLA. It is a different beast.

I recommend you do this it will really show you what they are looking for.

It sounds to me you should have no issues at all.

Remember they dont know you, you are sending them a self assessment of how YOU are and deal with your illness. They are not mind readers.

I know a few people who didnt get full care because they didnt write down they had catheters etc so many really important things were missing.

try not to stress over it. deep breathe. base on your worse days.

I wouldnt worry about your car for now. It will get sorted as you still get your DLA whilst you are waiting so one would assume you should still get your car.

If your not sure just ring the car people.

Please dont worry its not that bad honestly.


Blimey! Could I point out I began my reply at 12.50 & it took until 1.45 to type, check, correct errors, nip to the loo, check my reply again and then I find the wonderful members here have covered all angles. Sue, A.D, Goldrat & C.Chick all replied at a similar time, many assurances the same. A.D, I hope you’re sharing that chocolate, as if I need to hint.

Chrissie x

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One other thing I will say, is treat each question as a separate entity. Do not be afraid to repeat how you are affected and, more importantly, how often. If you match descriptors daily then include this in your answers to each relevant question. Don’t assume that because you’ve said it once, the decision maker will apply it to all situations.


Everyone is absolutely right. I typed all of my answers too. I numbered each separate question, again with my full name, NI number and page number on every sheet (eg page 1 of 5).

I also included a page listing everything I had enclosed, detailing what evidence I’d supplied, what photos were included, and how many pages were included on the main questions.

On the form, (I had my OH complete the written bits) the basic info was handwritten and against each question was written, ‘please see typed information’.

I also had my PIP decided on the paperwork, enhanced for both components and awarded for the maximum of 10 years.


Hello all, I’d just like to say a big thankyou to everyone who responded to my earlier post today. I really appreciate all the advice and support you have given me and it’s made me feel much better for it. Since talking to you I’ve downloaded the Citizens Advice info and photocopied reports, care plan etc, I think my printer will be taking early retirement. I’ll let you know when I know the outcome & again, thankyou all so much!! Love & best wishes, Sandie x

Been trying to send replies to different posts, taking ages like we MSers do but just get system error message , so just testing

Hello All, I’ve had a PIP face to face today & am so relieved it’s over, at least for now. I just dread the waiting for the decision, the assessor said that it would be between 4 & 6 weeks but decisions are being made quite quickly at the moment? She seemed to recognise I was struggling a lot, as in April I had a sudden progression of my ms which among other things has affected the neuro pain in my back & legs, my memory, vertigo & my walking ability quite significantly. My rehab consult has asked my GP to try me on a short course of steroids as he says they may help minimalise the progression. It’s the first sudden deterioration I’ve had since I’ve had SPMS, it’s been a slow progression so far. I guess this has happened to quite a lot of you so has anyone any idea whether steroids do work for this? I used to have them when I had relapses & apart from them making me worse before making me better they did used to work. I hate taking them but if they slow the progression down I’ll take anything. Sorry I’ve gone on a bit but it is a relief to be able to get things off my chest to people who understand. Best Wishes, Sandie

Hi Sandie i was told 4 to 6 weeks i had my letter in 2 weeks and go enhanced in both.

I am sure if they think steroids will work why not try them, it cant do any harm and hopefully it will help. Your not on them all the time and had a break, so if it was me and i had the chance of a little recovery I think i would just do it.

Good luck with your application. xx

Hi, Thankyou for the advice, I really appreciate it. I have decided to give them a go as life is pretty miserable at the moment, I just hope my GP agrees as he doesn’t like prescribing them for some reason but I shall see tomorrow. After a good nights sleep, thanks to all my pain meds, I can remember some of the assessment yesterday & am concerned that I won’t get the enhanced for daily living as some of the questions, especially the washing & dressing, I found very hard to answer clearly. I was so washed out trying to answer questions with the problems I have with my short term memory, lack of concentration & the severe neuro pain at the moment, I got tied up in knots so I don’t know how she marked the descriptors. I’ve put all the info in the form, but whether DWP take any notice I don’t know I’ll just have to wait & see. Sorry to whinge I normally just get on with it & take each day as a lot of us do, so again thankyou for the advice.

Best wishes,

Sandie x

As I said on another thread, phone the DWP, number on your letter, and ask for a copy of the report. It’s usually available a few days after the assessment. Good luck, Jen