PIP Question

Hi All,

I have a question if someone could help me? I recently received my PIP award (am transferring form DLA for indefinitely) & have got the enhanced rate for mobility and standard for daily living, I missed out on enhanced by 1 point.

After advise from Welfare Rights, my MS Nurse & Benefits & Work, I’m asking for a mandatory reconsideration. I’m hoping to get that extra point as although I haven’t yet got a copy of the HC professionals report I am going by the decision letter I have got & 3 of the descriptors are wrong. I use a lidded & weighted cup for drinking & got 0 pts, I have a voice amplifier to use when my voice becomes weak which is everyday, especially at night & I received 0 for that also, the reason being is that these things are not considered an appliance?

Can anyone tell me if they have been in a similar situation & have they had their first application award reversed after the mandatory reconsideration please?

Any feedback will be greatly welcomed x

When I transferred to PIP I was awarded standard rate for both, having been on high rate mobility and standard rate care for DLA. I hadn’t included any evidence with my application and the assessor’s report was full of inaccuracies and, in some cases, downright lies. I applied for mandatory reconsideration, enclosing evidence from my MS nurse and clearly stating where I felt that the report was wrong. My award was changed to high rate for both components.

Don’t apply for mandatory reconsideration until you have the report. When you apply, state which elements of the report you are taking issue with. This should mean that the mobility component isn’t affected. Enclose further evidence from your MS nurse to support your application.

It is possible to get the first decision overturned. Good luck.

Thanks for this. I’m hoping my MS Nurse report comes on time as they’ve only given me until 4th Aug as letter didn’t arrive until a week after the date on it.

I’m pleased you were successful!

Only until August 4th! Sounds familiar. I applied for transfer to PIP as soon as I received the letter, but I was on holiday for two weeks of the time allowed to get my application in. I was advised to ask for an extension, but couldn’t get through to the “helpline”. That’s why I didn’t include evidence with my initial application - I didn’t have time to arrange for it. If the report from your MS nurse doesn’t arrive in time, write something like “Supporting evidence to follow” on your letter. That will let them know that your request for reconsideration is incomplete. The report can be a bit late as long as the basic request is on time. I hope that your MS nurse is like mine and appreciates the urgent need for, and importance of, her report.

A good idea, never thought of that! Like you, I also tried to get through to the helpline to ask for a weeks extension but like you you I couldn’t get through. I’ve explained to nurse the situation & she says she will try and email the report this week. I know she’s very busy so I guess I’ll have to wait & see.

Were you successful with your application?

As I said, I was initially awarded standard rate for both components because I hadn’t sent any supporting evidence (and because the assessor didn’t tell the whole truth about my condition). When I applied for mandatory reconsideration I enclosed a report from my MS nurse to support my application. My PIP went up to enhanced rate for both components.

BTW, the reason I suggested that you specify which bits of the report you’re contesting is that I didn’t. This meant that the person reviewing my application looked at everything, which wasn’t what I intended. It worked out OK in the end because my award was increased for both components. As you’re happy with the mobility component, make it plain that you only want the care component looked at.