PIP results

I’ve just had our Council Tax review letter which has stated that my DLA is ending in August and PIP has been awarded enhanced mobility and only standard rate for daily living. This has really upset me as when I did the self assessment from benefits and work I scored a lot higher in daily living than what the DWP obviously have. When I completed the form I did it taking into account whether I could do a descriptor safely, repeatedly and timely. The reply is no I can’t mostly due to vertigo, tremor and general weakness. I want to appeal once I get the confirmation from DWP but I don’t think I’ve got the energy anymore. I just feel I’m being penalised for having SPMS which is progressing quite quickly now.

hi elvelero

request a mandatory reconsideration.

whilst waiting for them to send it to you, get help from welfare rights, CAB or similar.

i did this and the mandatory reconsideration required me filling in the same form as the first.

it came back as upholding their decision so i wrote to say that i was in complete disagreement.

the next step is a tribunal and by that stage i was a wreck.

i phoned the welfare rights advisor to say that i couldn’t put myself through any more.

and she said that with my permission she would go to the tribunal on my behalf.

my full benefit was restored!

so fight on,

carole x

I went with my wife to face to face pip review a few weeks ago and requested a copy of hcp’s report the next day(then again tues as it hadn’t turned up!).Yesterday the report turned up and the Hcp’s opinion is that she qualifies for higher rate for both,but only just.I assume the Dwp wouldn’t be stupid enough to knock it down from that so the decision is likely that too,but it really is unbelievable some of the assumptions made such as because she uses a crutch (for short distances)it is likely she would be able to use a totally unrelated aid for other unrelated tasks too!

I didn’t expect the score to be same as i scored her but its not even close,considering my wife was visably trembling all over and was clearly in extreme pain throughout,and it was noted by the Hcp that she appeared extremely “tired” throughout and that this worsened as it went on and by the end her speech was slowing and her eyes were half closed.

It does suggest they have no idea of the guidelines of safely,reliably,repeatedly,and in a timely fashion etc,if you feel the decision is wrong then get support from CAB or someone and fight it!

Good luck