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Just a quick question on Pips. I have had the misfortune of going through this very stressful and unnecessary process for MS sufferers. I was award standard for both living and mobility. I was ok with this as I did not expect to get anything. I have reviewed my assessors report and it is an accurate reflection on my face to face but there are a couple of inaccuracies. These issues are not major and I do not believe they have affected my award in any way. I do not intend to appeal my award but should I make them aware of these errors or should I wait until my review in 2 years time (Even though I am not likely to improve!) Any advice is appreciated.

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IMHO if it’s unlikely to increase the award then keep quiet just in case they reassess and take your award away from you. Well done on actually getting the help you deserve.

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I agree with Horsemad,if you are happy with the award just forget about it and move on.I am not sure there is really a way outside of the appeal process for you to be able to report it,so if you phoned them to tell them the conversation would likely go in circles with them telling you you can appeal if not happy with decision. Depending on the nature of the errors you could ofcourse report the HCP to their relevant governing body eg the nursing and midwifery council! I am waiting for my wifes actual decision after a reassessment,i have the report which scores her high enough (just) for higher rate but there are a number of inacurracies in the report and i disagree on many of the points awarded which should have been higher in many cases(one question scored an unexpected point!).I expect the decision to mirror the hcp report so won’t have the need to challenge those inacurracies which like you doesn’t sit too well with me!