PIP help!!!

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else had this. I already had DLA for standard care and my mobility has got worse so reapplied and was sent out PIP forms. I filled it in and a week later was given an appointment assessment. Went through the assessment and 2 weeks later received a letter saying I have received standard care and mobility which I thought was fair. Well today I have been sent another set of forms and at the top it says looking at your PIP again.

Can anybody please tell me what’s going on?

I phoned them and the lady wasn’t sure what it was about and would get a phone call back in about 5 days or so.

I do hope I don’t have to go through the whole thing again. I really can’t face it. It was very stressful.

Mags xx

And this is the second time in not many weeks that someone on here has posted about a situation like this happening : /

Here’s the thread that lady made:

Yeah thanks for that. I did remember and I have pm’d her to see how she got on.

Is this a new ploy from DWP to see if they can finish some of us off to cut back on the welfare bill.

Mags xx

It could well be! I’m sure they’d see that as a proactive move.

Good luck with that call back next week!

I have mobility DLA then decided to apply for care around Nov last year. They sent me DLA forms and I only had to fill in the relevant care part of the form just stating that my mobility hadn’t changed. It would seem there isn’t a hard and fast rule regarding DLA and PIP.

Best of luck

Jan x