DLA to PIP...

Hi guys, iv got RRMS and been on the higher DLA for both mobility and care for 2 years

My legs are very weak and I have a lot of problems with sight and bladder and fatigue

Long story short, the DLA sent me out a PIP application which my partner helped fill in

And I had an assessment on monday, a lady came to my home half an hour later than scheduled.

I felt rushed and she was kind of filling in my answers for me, I feel like iv not had time to speak and get my points

Across to her, I’m awaiting a letter from the DWP but feel she pressured me and answered questions for me

For example “you can make yourself dinner can’t, you?” Well not everyday I can’t but feel upset about it all :frowning:

just make sure you appeal if things don’t go your way and try and remember all the things she answered for you and that she was late and you felt rushed . appealed mine and ended up going to court to win my case and it wasn’t as scary as i built it up to be . take care

AS you first reply said…if you dot get the right award, then appeal and tell them what you`ve told us.

Hope you dont need to follow that advice! Good luck!


Thanks for your replies guys, just im really suffering with my MS and feel

like they just were trying not to help me out, I’ve been uni and worked all

My life in the NHS, paid lots of Taxes and feel like they just don’t want me

To get any help, thanks for your replies :slight_smile: I will appeal though if they say no x


before appealing you must ask for a reconsideration. This is where a decision maker will look at the claim with any other evidence and review the decision.

only after this can you appeal.

have a look at what they look at when scoring as it’s different to DLA. There are a number of websites that have this info on.

all the best