Ms , DLA and change to PIP

Hi I need some help I have RRMS I was diagnosed 13 years ago, I have been on DLA for 8 years of that time I have today received the change to pip letter and have a form coming in the post I need some help guys. I don’t think I can cope with all this stress on top of living with this dreaded disease. I have heard some real horror stories about your claim getting cancelled and I am really worried even though I am pretty sure I am entitled to it with the state of my health, I’ve hesrx it’s the way you word it, the assessments are meant to be awful which I am not looking forward to either I am so forgetful on top of in pain and the rest I am sure I will forget the most important points please help if you can

most important, get help with the form.

i had help from welfare rights.

my first result was being dropped from higher rate to standard rate.

it had to go to tribunal.

i was in a right mess and told the lady from welfare rights that i could not face the tribunal.

she asked if it was ok for her to request that the hearing was paper based.

i got enhanced rate both components!

ask your doctor for a letter of support and any other healthcare professional who sees you.

carole x

See my notes on your private message file. Fay

I had my physical assesment this week at home. I was incredibly anxious about the visit from Crapits, but the chap that arrived genuinely did seem to underestand my difficulties and he was very fair. I haven’t received my letter from the DWP yet but firstly I think that it will be okay and secondly if it isn’t then I will appeal. Best of luck but don’t worry too much, Moira

Get some help filling it in. Thats allowed. Get it in on time. Send it RECORDED delivery - that way they can’t ignore or state they never got it.

Gather together all additional information - letters from doctors, consultants, OH, social workers the lot!


Have a look at Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice Or try to get one to one advice from your local CAB Or you could consider joining They charge about £20 for a years membership, but there are excellent guides available for members.

I think you’ll find that doing a search on this forum for ‘PIP’ may give you some information, but as for precise answers with regard to one to one assessments or timescales, they are pretty well unanswerable. Most people have a physical assessment, but some don’t, it depends on their answers and evidence supplied with the claim. And time scales could be so variable that any answer is pointless.

Good luck.