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my partner was diagnosed with rrms in november 2016 and is finding it very difficult to come to terms with it, he has had at least 4 relapses within the last year and is in a very bad place both pysically and emotionally, my question is, i would like advice on pip, we have just had mr back and its not changed from original decision, is it worth going to appeal, he has been awrded 4 points on daily care and 4 points on mobility, any advice would be gratfully appreciated.

How does it affect his daily living? PIP is not the same as DLA. PIP is about independence, so the less he has the more score he gets.

If you know he cant do all these things, then you should go for appeal.

It seems he has to have help in many areas, coping with his meds, feeding himself, being able to cook a simple meal or not, dressing, bowel/bladder issues.

Can he plan a journey, drive, walk etc.

I think this is a great guide to the scoring. Get him to do it honestly and see what he gets, i used it and was accurate for me but must be done honestly lol.


hi crazy chick he has never been on or applied for any benefits before, he is currently getting ssp, but when that ends will apply for esa, he is different day by day i have had to leave one employment and reduce my hours on another, he just wants to give up he isnt coping well at all, but this pip thing is making him worse,

PIP is the work of satan in my opinion.

you MUST have help filling the form in from CAB, welfare rights or any other legal advisor.

the replies must be carefully worded.

i got standard rate for both components whereas i had higher rate for both with DLA.

i have started the appeal process.

good luck to you both

carole x


Do you have a care plan or other NHS paperwork/evidence on his level of dependence and disability or can he get some?

If not, I think I would go for ESA Support Group and as he has more relapses get this documented and make a new claim next year or whenever his dependence increases.

PS. I continued working for 5 yrs when I first contracted RRMS. It was a slow gradual decline for me, but I know men can suffer a more rapid decline. I think it’s hormonal or something.

Thank you for your reply I agree Carole we are going to appeal good luck to you too x

thankyou pj he doesnt have a care plan, will look into that, trying to get help from anywhere is like pulling hens teeth, and its more stressfull for him and making his condition worse he was also diagnosed with meniers disease in dec but pip dont seem to be taking anything we said into account we have doctors reports etc… but they are not interested obviously they know better than any doctor eh,

PIP is not about having a disease - but about how the illness affects your husband’s ability to do daily tasks.

He sounds in a bad way - he might have developed PPMS, so I think new NHS assessments need to be made just in case.

As you get nothing at the moment, I still think you should make a new claim saying how he has declined after gathering:

NHS - MS Nurse or GP care plans and OT & Physio assessments of him at home, which clearly state what he can and cannot do for himself.

List the aids he uses at home etc.,. Wheelchair Services need a visit too.

You or other carers also need to write signed statements on how they help him - eg. help him to wash and dress, help him into the car, drive him to doctors appointments etc.,.

So you really need to prove dependance with PIP.

Talk to your GP and MS Nurse first and gather the evidence.

Useful MS PIP Guide:


All the best.

MS Society Claiming PIP


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thankyou will do that all the best to you too

omg i just read this carole, i cant believe you only got standard how on earth? xx