Relapse remissive MS and the PIP (personal indepence payment)

Hi I am a full time working 33 year old who was diagnosed with MS 6 months ago. I have struggled for years and got branded the “unluckiest son of a b***h” at work due to all the health problems I was getting over the years. Now I was looking at the DLA as it mentions getting help for my disability even if I am in full time employment. But seeing as it’s all changing I want to know if anyone with RRMS has applied and how it is tested etc I pretty much suffer from brain fog on a daily basis and every 2-3 weeks have a period of exhaustion that keeps me in bed for over half a day at a time. I don’t get a chance to sort the tidying of the flat out and my wife works full time and struggles to also look after the living environment when I get these bouts. I sometimes find the energy to move from bedroom to living room but don’t get much further than the sofa. It’s depressing as I used to go to the gym regularly and prided myself on my fitness levels. Has anyone with RRMS applied for the PIP and if so, how did you find applying for it? Am I eligible? I can still walk and if push came to shove I could walk and have never needed walking utilities like sticks and wheelchairs to get about. Work have been supportive as it is a public sector role but I can’t help but worry that even they can’t put up with this for too long with my on-off switch that seems to fluctuate daily. I don’t want to apply just for them to say “no you can’t have this you lazy git” (male pride and all that) Please help if you can I would appreciate it Thanks for reading Billy