Work and finances

Hi to all. This is my first forum post so please bear with me if it sounds confused. I was diagnosed with RRMS nearly 8 years ago now I have suffered a number of relapses over that time along with all the other rubbish that I am sure most people if not all on here suffer from daily. I have tried to stay working in an extremely physical job since diagnosis which I honestly believe has helped somehow but now I have dropped my hours as per Neuro instructions I am beginning to really suffer financially. I am not sure what I am entitled to as I was essentially told I wasn’t disabled enough to get anything I am trying to scrounge just need some help. I want to Work as long as possible but not sure what options I have any more and the stress of worrying isn’t helping the old condition. Sorry for babbling just trying to find some advice. Many thanks in advance Paul

Hello Paul,

Carrying on working with MS is very difficult and it seems that you have consulted your employer and he/she has made some reasonable adjustments, such as reduced hours. The financial hit is a real difficulty.

You say you have been told you are ‘not disabled enough to get anything.’ I do not know who told you this, but have you considered PIP, which is not means tested? You can assess yourself using the questionnaire on the following website.

It’s somewhere to start. It helped supplement my income on reduced hours until I took early medical retirement.

If you have done this already then I apologise.

Best wishes,


Paul If you have a mortgage, do you have critical illness cover? If you had this before symptoms started, then it could help. Have you spent lots of £££ on aids/support? Your local council could help by providing aids/adaptions. Access to work (thru your jobcentre) can help with things you find difficult at work. I still work and get top rate daily living & mobility PIP. My job is not physical thou. Unless the person who said you aren’t disabled enough is suitably trained, then it’s always worth looking at. It costs nowt to look at. Regards Paul

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think for any type of ESA, theres 3 types, you can only earn UP TO £120 per week . I work full time but do take sick leave when I need to, however as I earn more than £120 and work more than 16 hours I cant get ESA . I do however get PIP at the higher rate for mobility. I would try this route first.