Financial Help?

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with MS at the beginning of October. I made the decision to change jobs as I rely on public transport and the journey to work was too much for me. Unfortunately, I was unable to start the new job as I felt too unwell (cog fog, weak down one side and dizziness). On the plus side, my potential new boss is very understanding and would still employ me if I felt well enough. On the downside, I am currently unemployed with no income.

Is anybody else in this situation, any advice on what to do next? I’m feeling quite lost!

its all changed since when i was working. cant you go to employment services and discuss this with them. you cant work if your sick so i am sure you can get support from GP to say your not fit for work.

You could ring the MS Society help line they are very good. are you living on your own?

You could also try for PIP, its not instant but if you can get that will help but in the mean time you need to find out your rights through employment services

I found this for you.

As you are unwell, you can claim ESA/universal credit. Also there is PIP to apply for this is payable even if you are working as non means tested.

Thanks for the signposts Crazy Chick, I may find my way yet!

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Thanks Horsemad, I shall look into this.

Another option would be to get in touch with the CAB, they usually have a benefits officer who is fairly clued up.


Hope you get sorted ANON. there is help out there ok. xx

Hi I’m in same boat not worked for 7 months and worked all my life ! But just don’t feel well enough to work now as so tired and fatigued and muscles weakness etc. It’s so frustrating and I’m waiting for a second opinion now. Like you, I feel lost and like I have lost my identity as a person in society .

Is it worth claiming if you can still work, but only locally and shorter hours? I had to stop commuting to london. Which i know compared to some is absolutely nothing. It has seriously affected earnings.