my pip has been stopped??????

hi all. had a letter today saying that they are stopping my dla which is going to be pip, and that i would have to return my car. How do all these people that make these descision’s even know what it feels like, they dont. wish they could have our illness for one month and then see if they still think their right after!! Ive been told that you can go down the route of mandatory reconsideration but where do i start?? do i ring dwp first or?? sorry for the moan but its all really getting me down

Hi dordy, I am presuming you have filled in PIP form, had an assessment & been told you are not eligible for it? If so, I would be getting in touch with CAB for help with mandatory reconsideration or any other benefits advice people. They are best to help you, they will point you in the right direction.

Hi Dordy, if you have previously received DLA because of a confirmed MS diagnosis, then please try not to worry (easy said, I know). You can appeal as a mandatory right and even if ‘they’ still deny you PIP, you can appeal and take to Tribunal. You can take a spokesperson with you if you feel it’s too much. Also, do not be alarmed at thought of formal Tribunal if it does go that far. In 2010, I had to see a panel for DLA. They thought they were judges in court. The 3 ordinary people sat in podiums much higher than my little seat below them (talk about condescending). I asked them to be able to sit in a small private room with them so I didn’t have to raise my face to affect the Cerebellum at the base of my brain, thus making me dizzy. Also, I would hear them correctly as they sat too far away. They had to comply with my wishes, they didn’t like it, but they had to comply.

I’m almost certain you’ll find their first decision changed and you will see justice in receiving the appropriate rate of PIP xx.

I’m about to complete the PIP application form (which was originally due in October 2015 but the agency sorting it out didn’t have a clue and cost the government millions. I’m sending lots of medical evidence with my application of how this flippin’ PPMS affects me day to day, from my MS nurse, Continence nurse, GP (& medical records), Neuro (and medical records). Optician (I’m half blind in one eye). Fracture Clinic reports (a Tri-malleolar ankle break - Tibia, Fibia & ankle bone in 2015, with metal work removed in 2016), a fall last month that broke 4 toes but nerve damage meant I didn’t even feel it. Only the swelling made me go for Xray. My Bowel isn’t working, even colonic irrigation gives no results due to impaction. I’ve kept all hospital appt.letters and reports to my gp & hospital since 2011. DVLA revoked my driving licence due to MRI evidence and I have all those letters too.

It sounds easy Dordy, but it’s so hard for us mere mortals to do this and follow their difficult procedures. By giving direct answers of yes, no and basic explanations (without offering voluntary extra info than they’ve asked for). i.e. If a question asks Can you walk to a shop - the answer is probably no. So do not offer extra info such as Yes, if I stop half way for a rest at my friends house. They will take this as Yes, you can get to a shop. So the direct answer is No you cannot get to a shop.

I hope this helps, but please don’t be put off by the Authorities as they are only agents to fill in forms. Some don’t have any medical knowledge.

But have you been assessed for PIP?



Have a look at They charge about £20 per year for membership but you get access to all their excellent guides for that.

Or see Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice


Thank you all for the comments. Has helped me loads :smiley:

Thanks for that brilliant link Sue xx

Good luck Dordy I haven’t been assessed yet but I expect the forms won’t be long XXX Don

Hope all goes well for you don

When the brown envelope arrives - take control - call your GP - say you need a letter of support for PIP,

and call your MS Nurse to your home to write you a care plan.

Send these with your PIP answers. So, so simple.

I did, and did not have a visit at all!

Both of these documents covered my daily living, home adaptations, aids, and care I get and need.

So, I did the work of ATOS for them. I gathered the necessary info [evidence] for the PIP assessor.

I let my MS Nurse and GP write their assessments of me at home and had no problem.

So how long was it after your face to face did they stop your money, and did you get a letter. Just going through it now. Sorry to here you did not get it so so unfair. Take Care. xx

PIP Mandatory Reconsideration Request Letter Tool

How to win a PIP appeal

All the best.


hi, it was only a couple of weeks. They just said that it had stopped and that they had overpaid me, so im not sure about how i repay them. My car has to go back too so goodbye to my indepdence :frowning: All this pip stuff is s##t!! Really got to me and making symptoms a million times worse. Really hope yours goes okay x