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Well I heard back from my mandatory reconsideration of PIP today. GRrrrrrrr… They are idiots. I have been granted the Mobility component at the standard rate of £21 a week (what’s the point?), but not the component that frankly I feel that I was fair more entitled to and frankly at the enhanced rate as well - the daily living component. It’s not just because of the MS, but also because of severe depression and anxiety problems that I’m under my local mental health team for. I have very big problems with socialising with people i.e. I simply can’t. Yet somehow they’ve managed to decide that I have no problems with this activity (engaging with people face to face). I can in some situations, but not in situations where there’s a group of people (too much going on for me), I feel inferior (interviews etc…), the person is talking a lot or is very loud (I don’t process things as quickly, possibly a result of the meds I’ve been on for my epilepsy over the years, or that was the psychologist’s opinion a few years ago, and I withdraw and shut off as people are just rambling and I can’t partake in the conversation), and many other situations. So a busy social situation is very different from a 1:1 chat with someone - which frankly is still a nightmare situation for me, but I can deal with a whole heap better. They are jack asses!! Guess I take it to Appeal then.

Anybody else had to go through the entire process and actually come out the other side with a positive result?



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It all depends on who you get to fill out the form and I say this every time I see a pip post, get fightback4justice involved they help with appeals, you can find them on Google or facebook I only hear of positive results when they help out, I won on reconsideration with no diagnoses and mobility issues I was diagnosed 9 months later I only get standard rates and I should get enhanced I am PPMS but now I got fightback to fill in forms I am going for higher rate.

Good luck.

Hello xhun. I feel mad for you about the way your application has been so poorly treated.

Please do appeal. Try to get someone to fill in the appeal forms on your behalf. Did you send evidence from your gp/neuro to support your case?

Love pollx


I don’t know much about the full process as I was fortunate enough last year to be awarded PIP last year on the award that I felt was right for the day to day help that I require. I do know someone who took it to an appeal after they were still not satisfied that the award they received was fair based on how they are. They were successful and received the enhanced award for both parts but their award time was reduced by one year. So their award ends in 2016 instead of 2017 as it was on the original decision. Overall they were happy with the award as they knew at some point they would have to renew their award. It was just unfortunate that they would be doing it a year early due to decision made at their appeal.

good luck with your appeal!

Polly x

Thank you for all your comments and support. Yes, evidence was sent in from my GP (although have not known her for long so she couldn’t really say much), the MS nurses sent in clinic letters, and my original assessment was sent along with their recommendation from the mental health team. I filled in the original form myself. There is a local group and the CAB that can help, but if they’re ignoring all that evidence, what chance is there? Idk. I’ll look at it tomorrow.