Mandatory Reconsideration PIP

DWP (PIP), received my Mandatory Reconsideration paper work yesterday (sent recorded, my response, supporting letters etc so i know it arrived and was signed for). Today, some money from DWP/PIP has landed in my account, more or less what I used to get every 4weeks!

So, have they changed their mind do you think and reinstated my middle rate care & mobility? I was hoping to receive an increase for mobility at least, but I haven’t received a letter to explain, tried calling and been on hold for about 45years!!

I can’t speak for PIP, but I know that when they’re awaiting new paperwork for US benefits, they’ll often continue whatever you’ve been getting if this was for a chronic condition like MS. Then, after they get your updated information, they’ll make changes to your benefits as appropriate.

Not in the UK unfortunately, they had already stopped it, it was going to make things even harder.
Hoping and praying that they have done a u-turn, it’s just the speed of it and the odd amount that’s got me worried.

I’m sorry you are having to go through this. Day to day we all try to make the best out of our condition. Beating down doors to get people to listen these days is a challenge let alone a easy approval for entitled benefits taking unreal time…not fair one bit. I hope you get some resolve quickly.

My challenge is the insurance getting upset and threatening you for not having your annual or bi annual papers done and sent when most GPs or neurologists are only seeing patients for emergencies.

Almost 17 years later with primarily the same answers to every question…nothing changed…nope won’t be returning to work unfortunately…ugh!

But I get threatened to have my benefits revoked if they are not in on time…guess they forgot about the world pandemic.
Frustrating when not necessary.

Hope you get your answers swiftly without hassle.

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If they approved you once, how can they take your benefits away? Do they think you’ve been magically cured? I just don’t understand governments.

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Exactly, my physical health has got worse not better, basically spent Feb to June in hospital, inc 2 lots of major bowel surgery!

hi darrell gb,
ive just been through the pip nightmare myself and all i can advise is stick to your guns dont let them grind you down and get in touch with citizens advice they have people who specialize in pip claims i found their help and support invaluable and i now get the pip that i originally thought i should have got,although it did take over nearly a year due to the pandemic :sleepy:

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