PIP Reconsiderstion

I receive Pip standard care. Lost high mobility rate. Applied for Mandatory Reconsideration nearly 8 wks ago. Got a call today from Dwp to say decision will be made today, and decision will be sent out in post so will have by end of week. Is this good thing or bad thing I was expecting them to ask me whole load questions again about my disability. On their last letter they said I could walk more than 50 mts. Both my GP and MS Nurse wrote letters confirming I cant walk more than 5 mts unaided, and i need a lot of support. So dont know if this was enough for them to make up their minds. Gonna be nervous couple of days waiting on post.

Hi, mmm, it will be a couple of extra nervous days for you, waiting for that brown envelope!

It maddens me when proof is given about our lack of ability, yet the decision makers get it so, so wrong!

Hope you get the right decision now!

luv Pollx


I hope everything works out for you let us know how it goes.


Best of luck getting a favourable decision!

From reading what various people have said on here, it seems to be a total luck of the draw thing, whether your claim’s assessed by someone who’s actually got a clue about MS and the problems involved?