DLA runs out August 5th!

So my DLA runs out next Tuesday, and I still haven’t heard about a PIP assessment yet! Does anyone know if my DLA payments will continue until PIP is sorted, or will everything be stopped?! I have a Motability car, so what happens to that between DLA and PIP?!

thanks anyone who knows!xxx

They should continue as now until the PIP is decided. However if you have not had a letter confirming that they are going to assess you for PIP it would be safest to contact the DLA office that deals with your claim.


It is essential that you ring the DWP straight away. You should have been sent renewal forms three months or so before your award was due to end. It depends where you live if you would renew on DLA or be assessed for PIP. (Even if you were reassed for DLA you would still go through the PIP process in the near future. ) the bottom line is your award will end when it says - unless you reapply it will just stop. This will have implications for your mobility car so you must act quickly. Your payments will not continue until PIP if your award runs out - it is only those on indefinite awards who can sit back and wait to be contacted. The reassessment process continues as normal. I think there may be some leeway for people who are due to be reassessed and migrated to PIP at around the same time but this does not seem to be the case with you.