New PIP Benefit

I have just be reading about this new Benefit PIP which will replace DLA.  The way it sounds to me is that no matter how long you have been on DLA when you are younger than 65 years and you receave Motability and you can get a Motabillity car.  When you are accessed for PIP and you are over 65  years you will be to old to claim it and you will lose your Motabillity car.  Am I right?  As it would efect thounds of people who need a car to get around


I was under the impression that they weren't touching people over 65 or under 16.  For them, things stay as is.  

Nobody really knows how the change over from DLA to PIP will affect people. The trials are stating soon. I think what will happen is that many people who currently get HRM will find that they are no longer eligible because the criteria has changed and will loose their motability that way.

What I have read is that claimants who are over 65 are not being migrated onto PIP. I would assume therefore that they would stay on DLA and keep their motabilty. Note I said “I assume” but you know what they say about assume.



It seems like its easier to get care rates but MUCH more difficult to qualify for mobility.  The new mobility criteria doesnt seem to account for the WAY you walk... rather just the distance, use of aids and supervision.

Follow this link:  = it can give you a really good idea as to what you might qualify for.  It also seems like those who already receive DLA might not even need to switch over until at least the latter half of 2013 or maybe even 2014.  They are starting a pilot first, then new claimants, then renewals followed by those already receiving...

I am abit slow today .  Tell me again what HRM meens?

I reckon HRM means high rate mobility.

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I am 63years old and if I am not accessed by 65 and lose my Mobility car I will be house bound.  If I can afford to buy a car will I have to pay VAT for it?  There are going to be alot of people who will not beable to afford one.

Hi, in answer to your last question, I didn’t actually buy a car without paying vat because in the end I just went for a motability car instead. But, as I understood it a disabled person would be able to buy a car without paying the vat. It was a few years ago that I looked into this but I don’t think things have changed.

You would need to sign the declaration to say you are disabled.


The best case scenario for you would be to NOT be assessed until you are 65. Once you get to 65 you will not be migrated onto PIP and your DLA will stay as it is. You would not therefore be subjected to the new mobility criteria with the risk of not getting the enhansed rate and thus loosing your car. If you are 63 now there is a good chance that you will make it to 65 before they get to you.