DLA PIP After 65

Hi everyone,can anyone please advise on dla/pip after the age of 65.If somone aged 40 currently gets for example higher rate dla and middle rate care,what happens when they reach 65 ,do they continue to get it or is it taken away,thinking here about motability car.I know we all have to re apply for PIP ,I just was unsure when we reach 65 or retirement age .Thanks for your help here

anyone had any dealinds with this

If you are already claiming DLA before retirement age it continues after.

New applications would be for Attendance Allowance (with no mobility portion)
People already on DLA who were aged 65 and over on 8 April 2013. will not be asked to transfer to PIP but will remain on DLA.

This is the rule as they exist today. I wouldn’t expect it to remain the same for the next 25 years!