Hello My Name is Gary Pearson. My Partner has just been diagnosed with PP MS. would it be possible for anyone to give us adive on what benifits he could claim, as we are finding it a mine field. We would appreachate the support.

Thank you

Gary Pearson

Hi Gary, sorry to hear about your partner, it’s a shock getting the diagnosis even if you’ve suspected it and your “to do” list is the last thing you need.

You haven’t said whether he’s working or not. The new benefit replacing Disability Living Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance (previously incapacity benefit) is Personal Independence Payment or PIP. I haven’t moved to that yet but have booklets for claiming ESA and DLA which make it a lot clearer, can e mail them if you wish. You need to contact the job centre for that, and the sooner you apply the earlier they’ll back date the payments. He may also be able to get a blue disabled badge for parking, which you apply to your local council for.

I don’t know if you were advised by the Neuro or nurse, but he needs to contact DVLA if he drives as his licence becomes invalid if they aren’t notified. He’ll get a 3 year renewable licence. His car insurance is also invalid unless notified, it won’t cost more for insurance but they won’t pay out if you have an accident if you don’t let them know.

Anyone will recommend you fill the forms in on a bad day and describe how you manage then too. The forms are very long and detailed so I’m sure he’d appreciate any help from you. Before you send anything, photocopy it and keep the copy. It is a huge help in case they phone or write to you with questions and saves a lot of time every time you claim. I update mine in different colours every time something changes and date the changes, copying and adding new copies when needed. And if they reject your first claim, appeal and apply again. Most of us were rejected at some stage.

You can join the work and pensions website for a small fee to help you claim too, I know many people do that. He’ll need your support. If he has a mortgage with critical illness insurance he can claim on that too as ms is a payable illness. I wish you luck as it’s a lot of work at a difficult time, he’ll be grateful for your support. If it’s too much your local citizens advice will help. Take care and let us know if we can offer any further advice.

Cath xx

Sorry about the essay, but I forgot to ask if he was referred to an Occupational Therapist. They are wonderful, come to the house and provide equipment and gadgets to make life easier. If you haven’t, call your social services who’ll give you a number or speak to your ms nurse. You can self refer in some areas though.

Cath xx

Hi Gary

Cath has given you fantastic advice, so I cant think of anything else to add, bust just wanted to say welcome to the forum for both you and your partner.

We are a lovely friendly bunch of folks who can offer good advice or lend a sympathetic ear if you need a rant anytime.

Its all very new for both of you to get your head round, so take one day at a time, it will get easier.

Pam x

Hi Gary, welcome to the board! :slight_smile: Cath has given you fantastic advice…just want to add that the website for help and advice with benefit claims is called Benefits and Work. It’s worth every penny of the membership fee. Please come back and ask about anything…we are the PPMS experts! Hope your partner wii come and join the gang! Pat xx

Hello gary, I can whole heartedly say that Cath and Pat are very much stars of this forum The Benefits and work website is really good. The official government website sets the basic things out quite clearly but obviously the forms need time and thought. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Gary, I can’t offer better advice than you’ve been given, just wanted to say welcome to the board and I do hope you get things sorted soon. Best wishes, Nina

Steve that’s very kind of you to say but unfortunately I’m relatively new to the ms thing, only dx June 2013. I just had to go on benefits as nursing was no longer possible and I found it all very difficult. The members here were a huge support to me and I try to return the favour with the people in the dark as I was. I appreciate the fact that I’m able to help a bit, but I’m no expert, it’s nice to know I’m not completely redundant.

Cath xx

Hi, to you both and welcome from a Newbie, The only advice I can give is I am currently filling in the PIP form and subscribed to the Benefits and work website it has a picture of a dog on it!! It is very good, I’m finding it really hard work to fill in the form, so much so I rang for an extension and was given another 4 weeks. I read some of my answers out to a friend who was successful at getting the Max benefit, she told me I was being typically British in answering with what I do to manage the symptoms instead of the impact it is having on my daily living, So get some help even if that help is only as a sounding board.