It's Official

My contract has been terminated with no prospect of my health improving. Sad to see that but I know that anyway and at least it’s one less thing to worry about.

Next will be my PIP application in the near future.

My initial query is the question under Planning and following journeys . I don’t drive and can’t use a bus so what do I plan?

Hi Mr Grumpy, sorry to hear your news but believe me, once you get it all sorted, you will feel a great sense of relief.

I suggest you go to ‘Benefits and Work’ to fill out PIP form. It’s only about £20 to join for year but then you can download members’ step by step guides and it’s worth every penny.

If it’s like DLA application (I haven’t applied for PIP yet) you put that you can’t travel on bus and can’t drive, but then put that if you could have someone with you and get taxi’s you could sometimes go out. But please check that on Benefits and Work as would hate to give you wrong advice.

You have continued working for ages while dealing with PPMS and I think you’ve done amazingly well… but time to step back and look after yourself and not have to push yourself anymore.

All the best,

Pat xx

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Hi Mr G,

Sorry to hear your news…it’s hard to give up work but you know if you’re anything like me once you get used to it you’ll find it’s the best thing you ever did!

You’ve done incredibly well to keep going for so long but now it’s time to look after yourself and get some rest, I’m sure you’ll find it will help you on the long run.

Age concern run a Special driving /taxi service at very reasonable prices…you have to get in touch with them then I believe they come and assess you to see if they think you need a carer to go with you. They will take you anywhere…shopping, visiting, whatever you fancy.

Hope that helps a little?

Take care of yourself,

Nina x



i have just applied so maybe can help.

question on planning & following journey is more related to cognitive than physical abillity. Getting buses is related more to the second mobility question. Can you walk to stop etc.

that is how I read that question.

good luck


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Hello Mr G.

I agree with Paul. I doubt if I would score anything in that section because I don’t have problems with orientation. The work and pensions site is really useful as well. It just cuts through the jargon. I had to give up work 3 years ago but it was the right time. I think once all the necessary forms and claims have been done, you need to think about your own state, both physically and mentally. As Pat says, you need to take care of yourself-at least you have a bit of time now!

Best wishes, Steve.

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