MS considered as disability from the day you are diagnosed

You may not feel disabled, but if you have MS, you can claim to be legally disabled from the date of your diagnosis. There are several different benefits which may be available to you if you have a disability or care needs due to your MS, even if you are currently working.

I have been claiming ESA since April, as didn’t know i could donit earlier, but i haven’t been diagnosed yet.

I have left my job in October last year, it was both physically and mentally exhausting job.

I had to appeal last month and i got my diagnosis letter as the grounds to appeal.

I thought claiming PIP should be easy when you get diagnosed…

Hi, you dont need a diagnosis to get PIP.

I have had PPMS and it took years to diagnose.

I began getting DLA in 2000, but wasnt fully diagnosed until 2020

DWP are more interested on your ability for caring for yourself or what help/equipment you need


An interesting point of view as your account contradicts most posts recently which describe health assessments as predominantly practically / functionally based rather than a label. The medical profession and benefits departments are wise to the fact that MS is a pervasive disease causing a huge variety of symptoms with varying severity. It is possible to have MS and be regarded as fit for work. Many continue to work for decades, possibly with role modification.

Health assessments need to be backed up by your GP and any consultants who you have seen, with reports which describe not only a diagnosis but also the extent of any impairment. Presumably you got ESA because your GP wrote you a sick note (ironically now called a fitness to work note)? Subsequently, you may have to go through a phone assessment with a Doctor which could affect eligibility (positively or negatively).

PIP is definitely not a walk in the park either: you will have to prepare statements about your ability to function independently and your statements will need to be corroborated by reports from your medical practitioners.