Disabled Facilities Grant means test

Due to a deterioration in my mobility I believe it will not be long before I can’t get up the stairs or need a wheelchair to move around my house.

As the house is quite small I reckon the solution is to build a ground floor extension to house a bedroom with ensuite.

I heard about the Disabled Facilities Grant which is now managed by the local council so phoned them and arranged for an occupational therapist to come and assess my home and advise of any other modifications/options that may negate the need for an extension.

The OT came and agreed that the extension would be the only option and arranged a second visit with a housing engineer who assessed my house and confirmed the need for an extension and outside ground works to enable wheelchair access. I was also made aware of all the special considerations that will need to be factored in to any plans such as wider doors/ramps etc.

This was followed by a visit from another council employee who carried out a means test.

I’m fortunate enough to still be in full time employment but ‘assumed’ I would still receive a grant/contribution that could help finance the build.

I was very wrong to ‘assume’. I have now received the result of the means test advising I am eligible for a dfg of £0.00.

Does anyone know how the means test is calculated? I have searched the web and can’t find anything that could have saved me the time in applying for the grant in the first place !

I’m certainly not a high earner but the means test reckons I would need to contribute well in excess of £100k before I am eligible for any grant. (so definitely not worth challenging the decision)

I believe there should be more detailed information/advise available regarding the means test.

Has anyone experienced anything similar ?

I think the DFG means test is both bizarre and impossible to find out its’ calculation. I’ve tried in the past and failed. If you can get hold of someone from your local council who can explain to you how it’s done, I’d be impressed. I’m sorry you’ve failed to qualify. It’s an absolute bugger, when you’ve gone through the process and thought you’d get some help so were looking forward to having the house you needed.


Thank you for your comment. I will ask the council how the means text is calculated but as it seems to me if you have an income of any scale you will not qualify for a dfg