Dfg gants

Hi everyone,I’m applying for a dfg grant for adaptions to hopefuĺly a new bungalow which requires quite a bit of work and am worried the means test will disqualify me from any assistance due to having savings albeit they’re for paying off the mortgage so has anybody had any luck and how does it work. I’m ppms and in the ESA support group and get higher rate Pip. Thank you.

Hello I have had work done by a DFG from my Council,in my house the council wanted to put a through floor lift and extend my bathroom into a wet room,I decided against this and decided on a side ground floor extension including a wet room/bedroom,the Council would fund the original idea the cost of through floor/wet room( the most cost effective way)and the difference I had to put the additional funds to.I didn’t what upstairs being rearranged so I have got ground floor living. I believe each council has different ways of calculating DFG,but was told by mine that they would cover for the basic works and any higher specs I;would fund the extra myself.I am in a similar position to yourself in that I have PPMS on ESA support group & contribution,higher rate PIP.They took evidence of all incomings & outgoings.i had to go on a waiting list to get the work done,but overall I’m very pleased with my current bedroom/wet room set up.