Grant to build an extension

Hi, I am going to build an extension to my house to give me a downstairs bedroom and bathroom . Am I eligible for a grant and are grants means tested. If so what is the criteria for qualifying for a grant. Cheryl:)

The most obvious grant is a Disabled Facilities grant which you can find out about at

It is a means tested grant and must be recommended by OT. From experience they will decide what you need and it’s not always what you want.It’s worth investigating though.


Thanks, Jane, I looked it up and got the Impression they choose the cheapest option (which I can achieve more or less without an extension) but I wondered what others had experienced. So they may help but not towards the cost of my extension, lol. Cheryl:)

are you renting or is it your own property?

we are renting we did not have to pay anything towards the adaptations we have a vertical lift to accomodate a wheelchair, a wetroom, 5 doors have been widened to accomodate a wheelchair going through, I’m not sure what criteria if you own the property, a few years back a friend who has ms aswell had a wetroom but did not have to pay to get it installed but that was pre this government.

get in touch with your OT, in mean time go on the government website to see what it says about adaptations.

Al x

Hi, just going through the DFG system myself, for a ceiling hoist.

A DFG is a disabled facilities grant.

First you have to get an assessment from an OT, to say if you would benefit from this work.

Yes, you do have to be means tested. This has left me upset, in a confused state.

The blurb on DFG says that if you have over £6k in savings, you can expect to be asked for a contribution…we haven`t, but have only been offered £1,250 from the council, leaving a shortfall of £1,800 ish. I am asking the MSS to help.They tell me they will have to try other charities too.

The maximum grant is £30k from the council , so if work costs more you could ask the MSS for help.

You cant get any money retrospectively, if youve already started the work.

Hope this helps.

luv Pollx

Thanks folks, tbh I don’t think I will qualify for help to do what I want to do. Cheryl:)